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Metroid Dread

Less than two weeks later one of the longest-running Nintendo titles officially sees the light of day. We’re definitely talking about the mysterious metroid dread, which was already planned for the Nintendo DS, but only thanks to the combination Nintendo Switch and development studio mercury steam became reality. After many years, the end of the first Metroid saga can now be experienced.

In addition to us, many other video game news magazines around the world have had the opportunity to try out the latest Nintendo games. Like our mic, our teammates were able to do it for the first time Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Experience in action. So if you’ve already read our preview, you guys Here you can find yourself three more videos which feature additional gameplay content related to Metroid Dread. Two of them feature off-screen footage showing off the hybrid console’s new displays. Metroid Dread and Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will both be released 8 October.

What’s your shopping list for October 8th?

Source: YouTube (gaming boulevard), (gameexplain), (eurogamer)

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