Police warns of fake police officers in Jitau area

Police warns of fake police officers in Jitau area

Telephone fraudsters are currently particularly active in Zittau and the surrounding area. The police registered eight cases on Monday itself. Most of the criminals called older people to inquire about their property and valuables in the house. So far, they have not had access to the savings of their potential victims.

shameless scam

The criminals pretended to be police officers and reported the alleged vandalism in the neighbourhood. Romanian thieves were caught who had a slip of paper with a list of their names, including the name of the person who was called. The scam was apparently done to intimidate the pensioners who were called. The fraudsters then inquired about the property, cash and valuables in the home of the senior citizens. In no case has there been any monetary claim or financial loss.

Tips against tricksters

The criminal police advise to be extremely cautious. Do not give any information about your savings or valuables over the phone. You should always be suspicious of calls from alleged police officers when it comes to money. Talk to relatives and neighbors about such incidents, inform people around you about the scam and contact the police!

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