Poor yield from critics for release

Poor yield from critics for release

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Today launches Elex 2, the next part of the action role-playing game series from gothic makers Piranha Bytes. However, the game was less than convincing in the gaming press, as can be seen from the average Metascore on Metacritic.

First Date of March is Elex 2, an open-world action role-playing game that originally launched in 2017 with the first part. The developers are Piranha Bytes, an Essen studio that was previously responsible for the Gothic and Ryzen series. As usual for new releases, critics from the national and international gaming press took a look at Elex 2 ahead of its release. Together they come to the conclusion that the title still lacks persuasiveness.

Elex 2 doesn’t impress critics

Feather metacritic website, on which all the reviews from the gaming press are bundled together, for Elex 2 on PC currently jumps an unexpected 66 points with only 14 submitted reviews. It looks a bit better for the Playstation 5 version, for which it scores at least 70 – although only nine ratings were given. The Xbox Series X Edition is the only one in green. So far 78 points have been reached from five reviews.

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Elex 2: Piranha Bytes is stuck in a technical standoff

Elex 2 has 80 . got the highest score of By Gamestar from Germany. Only three other evaluations resulted in a score of at least 75. All other reviews are rated as mixed and marked as yellow on Metacritic. Wellplayed also gave only 30 points, which is considered a negative rating, while it was awarded to allies. PC Games 70 points was enough. The conclusion is that Piranha Bytes delivered what was expected anyway – including errors – and nothing more. At Metacritic, Elex 2 Descends That #28 Best PC Games of 2022, However, currently only 29 games are listed and the third month of the year has just started. therefore it should be expected that alex 2 Even more will fall in this particular ranking.

Source: metacritic, PC Games

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