Potsdam DSC gives favorite roles to butterflies

Potsdam DSC gives favorite roles to butterflies

DSC Butterflies met Potsdam for the first time on Saturday evening in the best of three series.

Dresden – Against Aachen, DSC ace Meja Stork (22) threw balls around the opponents’ ears. It did not matter whether it was a power jump service or directly on the network. Can the Swiss woman lead the butterflies to their first win in the play-off semi-finals in Potsdam today?

The DSC Ace Maja Stork (22) completely hits the Aachen block here. Can she play her class against Potsdam today? © Lutz Herschel

The 22-year-old expects a tight box, but the girls charge their batteries and “want to bring their best volleyball on the field”. Dresden coach Alex Weiley warned: “All teams are now at eye level. There are no more favorites. We are relieved of the pressure and are trying to go to the finals.”

Two wins in the “best three” series against Potsdam are necessary. This Saturday at 7 am in the MBS arena of SC Parti number one. And the hostesses are smart.

Team manager Eugen Bengel said after finishing fourth in the main round, “Now whatever comes next is a ‘favorite’. Dresden is the clear favorite. We have nothing to lose, but we still Will end everything. ” .

Potsdam creates pressure on the DSC. Certainly, he won the main round with confidence and celebrated a 3–0 win at home against SC in late December.

But today’s hosts have a 3–0 duel for themselves at Potsdam. He has the top players in the ranks. Brittany Abercrombie (Diagonal / USA), Lindsey Rudins (attack / outside USA), Kelsey Weltman (middle block / Canada) and Alexandra Jegdic (Libera / Serbia) topped the top division figures.

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