Pourakarmika Suvidha cabins obtained at 10 periods the value shocks citizens BBMP on the verge of a further fraud

Is BBMP buying Rs 80,000 worth container for Rs 8 lacs a piece; Suvidha cabins for Pourakarmikas


A 7 days ago, the BBMP’s Suvidha cabins initiative for sanitation employees arrived beneath the scanner for the high charge of creating it. 

As the pandemic in Bengaluru worsens, the BBMP’s woes are only raising as they are received flak from citizens, the government and the court docket alike around allegations of corruption and inappropriate performing.  Now, the BBMP is preparing to establish 250 Suvidha cabins all over Bengaluru.

Suvidha cabins: What are they for?

Last thirty day period the govt inaugurated Suvidha cabins for the pourakarmikas or sanitation employees. These Suvidha cabins are meant to be utilised as modifying rooms and bathrooms all-around the metropolis for sanitation workers and their usefulness. 

The idea guiding these cabins is precisely the kind of development we have to have in defending individuals who do the toughest careers in the city. Furthermore, this will significantly better their office problems. Very last month, Deputy CM Ashwathnarayan had inaugurated a Suvidha cabin in Jakkur. It was announced that each unit would be procured at Rs 5.5 lakhs. 

Suvidha Cabin inauguration

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However, the price has been reportedly preset at Rs 8 lakhs as for every Bangalore Mirror. The dimension of a person unit is approximated at 20 L X 8 W X 8.6 H each. Every single of these 250 cabins is intended to consist of bathrooms, shifting place, charging factors, initial-support kits, admirers, etcetera. These cabins will be built and executed by Agrya Infratech. Whilst the initiative is welcome, and won’t be able to be debated as a improper go, what is relating to citizens is the price tag heading into them. 

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The cost discussion on Suvidha cabins

The charge of these cabins will be expended by the BBMP in Bengaluru, and citizens are concerned about the claimed prices. Several raised problems pursuing the BIEC debacle that nearly price tag the BBMP 24 crores a thirty day period had it not come out into the open up.

Now, citizens are inquiring if the well-intentioned Suvidha cabin would go the exact way. A position to take note is that on internet sites like India mart, an empty steel container can be obtained at Rs 80,000 for each unit. Of program, this is without the bathrooms and other features, for a 30-ton container. And for a 40-toes container, it prices any place between Rs 1.2 to 1.5 lakhs. 

indiamart container price


The BBMP’s previous commissioner BH Anil Kumar had formerly insisted that it was necessary. Given that then the management has adjusted. Nonetheless, citizens are now inquiring why the pourakarmikas did not obtain the fundamentals these types of as, PPE kits or safety on time which they have been asking for for the duration of the pandemic. So considerably, 4 pourakarmikas have died due to the virus in the city. 

IBTimes reached out to BBMP for remark on the make any difference, and await their response. 

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