Prince Charles takes action: Bitter farewell! Duchess Kate and William should split

Prince Charles takes action: Bitter farewell!  Duchess Kate and William should split

Now it is going to be difficult for Kate Middleton and Prince William. According to reports, the royals dream couple is facing a serious breakup. The painful departure is to blame for Prince Charles, who apparently wants to act as hard as the king.

Prince Charles demands separation! Will Prince William and Kate Middleton have to say goodbye to Kensington Palace in the future?
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Prince Charles took action! If Prince Charles becomes Prince, Kate Middleton and Prince William will face some major changes in the British royal family in the future. According to reports, the heir to the throne wants to do a lot of cleaning as soon as he ascends the throne. Duchess Kate and William also suffered some heavy losses, as the British “Express” currently reports.

Prince Charles took action! Kensington Palace will be closed when King becomes King

Reportedly, Prince Charles is planning to cut several staff who are currently working under Kate Middleton and Prince William. With this drastic step, the Prince of Wales wants to save household expenses in the future. According to rumours, Kensington Palace may also be closed completely in the future. One Separation, which will certainly be difficult for Duchess Kate and Prince William to cope with.

He calls for separation! Kate Middleton and Prince William are said to have split from Kensington Palace

Rumors of the surprise split arose from the fact that the apartment, a 21-room apartment that was renovated for several million pounds, is still vacant more than three years after the loft was destroyed. It was expected that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would live in the apartment complex with Prince William and Kate. However, this did not come to the fore. Now the question arises whether the building will be needed then. Add to that the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly planning a long-term move to Windsor.

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Prince Charles wants to “undermine the monarchy” – is Kensington Palace threatened with liquidation?

Historian Christopher Warwick told the British Belt: “Rumors that counted as the official residence of Kensington Palace indicate how many changes we will see when Charles becomes king.” The expert added: “It would be wise for him to rent it out and keep it safe in case he has it in the future. Royal Family It is believed that Charles is taking advantage of the possible dissolution of Kensington Palace to protect the British Empire To “thin” gradually.

Isolation to Image! So Prince Charles wants to strengthen the prestige of the monarchy

The editor of the “Telegraph”, Camilla Tomini, stated that this was part of an effort to promote the image of the future king as a “frugal” monarch. “You get the feeling that he wants a stripped-down monarchy to make sure everyone does their job and there are no so-called ‘followers’,” Tomini said. “I think it’s Charles’ attempt to make the impression that he inherited his mother’s habit of being frugal – turning off the lights and being environmentally conscious – and generally good value for money.”

Does Prince Charles Sell Kensington Palace to the Saudis?

Therefore it cannot be ruled out that the reduction in the size of the royal estate will also contribute to the “reducing of the monarchy” in the future. “You can sell the rest on long-term leases and earn some income. You can even sell it to Saudi!” Tomini says. In fact, Kensington Palace is currently costing the monarch a great deal of money, largely due to the many employees working there. Kensington Palace, which also houses about 50 royal staff, is valued at £620 million. How Prince William and Kate Middleton think about plans to separate from Kensington Palace is not known at the moment.

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