Prince Harry is worried about the recurrence of the story

Prince Harry is worried about the recurrence of the story

Los Angeles / London (DPA) – This is the first confession from a television program eagerly awaited by Royal fans: Prince Harry talks openly about his concerns about his wife, Meghan.

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A central sentence: “My biggest concern was that history could repeat itself,” says the 36-year-old in a trailer published by American broadcaster CBS for an interview with American presenter Oprah Winfrey.

Harry is causing the death of his mother, Princess Diana, who was killed in a traffic accident in 1997. This is not the first time Royal has drawn a parallel between Diana and Meghan in terms of the influence of the British media on her personal life.

“I feel really relieved and happy to sit here and talk to my wife on my behalf,” Harry says. He could not even imagine what it would have been like for his mother to undergo the process of separation from the royal family. “Because it was incredibly difficult for both of us, but at least we were each other.”

Princess Diana died in 1997 – in a traffic accident in Paris – followed by paparazzi. After her divorce from Charles the previous year, she relinquished the title “Every Royal Highness”. Harry and Meghan (39), for their part, made the final cut from the British crown in mid-February.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer return as working members of the royal family, Buckingham Palace announced. With this, the couple lost their patronage and Harry lost his honorary military title. The couple, who now live in California, later announced that they would be closely connected to the organizations.

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Meghan is believed to have a major role in controlling the couple’s exterior image. The former actress has repeatedly been a target of racial abuse due to her skin color and African American roots. Meghan can only be seen in silence in two 30-second-long Oprah video clips that were released on Sunday evening.

The couple’s conversation with Winfrey is the first major interview since “Meguxit”. Meghan is said to tell “a lot of shocking things”, as Winfrey – world famous for unmasking questions – explains in another trailer. To find out, however, the world will have to wait a few more days: the interview is not to be broadcast on American television until the night of March 8 (CET).

Harry and Meghan are now turning to the American media, according to their disapproval of the British press: in addition to Oprah’s interview, Prince Harry recently went on an exploration tour of Los Angeles with James Corden in the comedy show “Late” Performance “. And Meghan wrote a guest post in the New York Times a few months ago about an abortion. The pair have also produced their own content for the Spotify and Netflix streaming platforms.

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