Princess Latifah: the photo on Instagram is supposed to show the daughter of the Emir of Spain

Dubai: Princess Latifah should be cared for at home

In February the British BBC published videos of missing Princess Latifah pleading for help. rich’s daughter Dubai It was said in it that he was being kept in a closed villa. “I am a hostage,” said Latifah. Since then the condition of 35-year-olds may have improved. A picture on Instagram shows that she is Europe travels.

A woman named Seond Taylor posted a photo Monday of she and Princess Latifah Adolfo Suarez at the airport madrid should be shown. “Fantastic European vacation with Latifah. We have fun exploring”, the recording is titled.

Latifa is the daughter of the Emir of Dubai. He has not been seen in public since the attempted escape in 2018. According to her own statements, Latifa is being held captive by her father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The alleged call for help, published by the BBC in February, further raised concerns about the princess.

In it, she also told how she was overwhelmed and immobilized by a UAE commando while fleeing on a yacht in 2018 and only regained consciousness in Dubai. According to the BBC, the recording was made almost a year after he was forced to return to Dubai.

The recording is said to have been made through a cell phone that was smuggled into the toilet from outside and then sent to close friends. David High, a human rights lawyer and co-founder of the advocacy campaign “Free Latifah”, also reached out to the video. They eventually gave it to the BBC in early 2021.. Latifah’s picture surfaced after alleged vacation Spain Hai has now spoken again.

Supporters contacted directly by Latifah

“We are pleased to see that Latifah has a passport, is traveling and enjoying an increasing degree of freedom. These are very positive steps forward,” he told the news agency. Reuters. “I can also confirm that Latifah had contacted several members of the support team directly,” the lawyer said.

According to the Free Latifah campaign, last month there were signs of a positive turn in the case for the first time. On May 22, the group announced on Twitter: “We confirm that the campaign has seen a number of potentially significant and positive developments.” The group did not want to give details at the time.

However, the first time was on the same day Alleged photos of Amir’s daughter surfaced on Sionade Taylor’s Instagram account. At that time, the pictures were supposed to show him with Latifah in a shopping center in Dubai.

Taylor is identified in the British media as a former member of the Royal Navy. Till now he has not commented on the pictures. In a comment below the current post, however, when asked about the princess’s condition, she wrote that Latifah was doing great.

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