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Plug Power Holt David Mindnich and Vice President of Global Manufacturing

Same work as before at Tesla
focus on profitability

In a press release, Plug Power, a US manufacturer of fuel cells, announced that David Mindnich will serve as vice president of global manufacturing for the company in the future.

Tesla to Plug Power

On his LinkedIn profile, the manager describes himself as a “complete, results-oriented operations manager” who is known for his ability to “drive the achievement of aggressive goals at large companies, accelerate growth and drive sales”. is. At Plug Power, the manager, who has been involved in production processes for 15 years, will report directly to the company’s boss, Andy Marsh. According to the press release, in his new position, he will “lead the modernization of Plug Power’s manufacturing processes through the creation of process efficiency and the transformation of operational processes”.

According to the information, a key part of their work will be optimizing the performance of Plug Power’s global production facilities. Mindnich has experience in this area, because it is in this area of ​​activity that he was appointed as Senior Director of Operations at the electric car maker Tesla, where he was responsible for the production processes of the Gigafactory in Nevada. There he was responsible for the procedures and cost-effectiveness of the procedures.

Initially, Mindnich will lead a team of 450 employees at Plug Power, and then over the next two years the team will expand to a total of 1,000.

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Mindnich should make Plug Power profitable

Mindnich’s commitment to Plug Power is an important step in achieving its corporate goals. The company wants to be profitable and has also set itself ambitious sales targets. Mindnich himself comments on his new position with the words: “As a manager on the Plug Power Management team, I am looking to strategically expand the company’s production activities and drive them through automation to meet this growing demand. Will work on converting to medium to high volume.” The press release said that even at Tesla, where he reported to a team of 5,000 employees, he was working to “improve a number of key factory performance indicators across multiple business areas.” were able to. This expertise should now drive Plug Power as well: “David Mindnich’s extensive experience in manufacturing and operating Plug Power will help Plug Power expand our capabilities and global presence,” Marsh said. “We are very excited about David’s expertise as we continue to expand our team and customer base.”

Tesla is again missing important information

This isn’t the first time Tesla has lost a significant employee in the past few months. Most recently, Jerome Guillen turned his back on the electric car maker after more than ten years at the group. Editorial Team

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Image Source : Plug Power Inc.

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