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With the 2022 R1 release, Proxess is optimizing its document management system Proxess DMS for efficient processes across companies. Users now benefit from a number of innovations for simplified handling, but also from integration with third-party systems and links to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

During the update, the document management system Proxess DMS has a number of innovations ready. This allows companies to make their digital transformation even more efficient: all new documents above the radar. All documents related to a selected document can be displayed with a single click. such as delivery notes, orders, invoices or correspondence relating to an order. Document Radar expands the actual hit list with a 360-degree view of the selected document.

In addition, Proxess has modernized the entire graphical interface for web server settings, making setup more intuitive and user-friendly. Administrators should be especially happy about new business tools such as Proxess Job Server, Proxess e-invoicing and processing of the XRechnung and ZugFerd formats, which round out the overall package for automating standard processes.

Document Management System: Integration with Microsoft Office 365

Integration into the Microsoft Office 365 suite has also been expanded. In addition to email from Outlook 365, users can now archive files directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 365. The developers have also expanded the functionality of add-ins. Instant filing and access to master data makes individual filing even more convenient and faster. Integrations for 365 programs are available as free add-ins in the Microsoft Store. The app can also be downloaded to your own mobile device for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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With the Document Management System from Proxy, qualified signing of scanned documents is now possible. To meet the legal requirements of some EU countries, paper documents can be scanned using a proxy scan client, automatically a digital, qualified signature is created and stored.

document management system
Proxy Document Management System provides a document radar. (Image: Proxy)

New integration platform Proxess Hub

Proxes DMS has been strategically expanded to include a new integration tool for third party systems such as ERP and financial accounting. Based on technology from Microsoft BizTalk Server, the new Proxess hub tool for simple collection of incoming and outgoing documents, index linking, provisioning of master data, and transmission of relevant data, especially to third-parties in hybrid environments Provides the right solution. system for further processing. Proxy Hub is extremely flexible: depending on requirements, the appliance is used on-premises or via the cloud and works with file-based or online interfaces such as web services. Even after go-live, integration with Proxy Hub allows changes or expansions to be implemented quickly. Last but not the least, the integrated remote monitoring tool provides a lot of security and transparency.

Document Management System: Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A new module for Microsoft D365 Business Central was also created on this basis. With the integration of Proxess DMS into Business Central, incoming and outgoing documents are stored in Proxess in a legally secure and GoBD-compliant manner. Documents can then be searched and displayed through the common Business Central interface as well as location-independent and through a web client without ERP access. The new integration not only supports storage and access, but also maps the entire digital incoming invoice process – from document identification to invoice checking and approval of posting proposal to financial accounting.

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In addition, individual documents can be linked to a process or document in Business Central – such as e-mail, technical drawings or instructions – as additional information and stored using drag and drop. Simple customization tools, with which the user can activate and map different ERP document types to store and schedule the transfer of data, have proven particularly practical. In the management console, he always has an overview of the data stream and the processing status of documents.

The 2022 R1 release will be rolled out immediately.

Proxy GmbH With its document management system, it primarily helps medium-sized companies design their digital document processes of tomorrow. Praxis was created in 2019 from the merger of Accentum and Abel – two pioneers of document management systems – with headquarters in Rietheim-Weilheim. There are further branches in Leipzig, Rangsdorf (Westerwald) and Thiezen in Switzerland. The name Proxess is a portmanteau of “progress” and “success”. (SG)

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