PS5 Pro / Slim With 6nm Chip Redesign

PS5 Pro / Slim With 6nm Chip Redesign

already in may there were reports aboutSony is working on a redesign of the PS5 and its chip, which will be manufactured by AMD and TSMC. These hints are currently on the rise and could be implemented in 2022, after which a potential PS5 Pro, PS5 Slim or a redesign of the existing model could go into mass production.

About that Tech Insiders are currently reportingWho has written about such schemes before. At the time it was said that production of the chip had begun, which could theoretically now be the next step. It will be used in the final hardware.

According to this, Sony has secured an order with TSMC for the production of 6nm graphics chip, which may start in late 2022 or early 2023 or may already be available. As of now, however, the periods mentioned are only pure speculation. As of now, Sony hasn’t commented on any possible new PS5 design.

The goal is PS5 cost reduction

As far as the 6nm chip is concerned, it is arguably far more efficient in terms of power consumption, while the performance remains at the same level. He’ll probably even speak out against the PS5 Pro at this point. The production cost should be low, and the production is also a little easier. Finally, it could significantly increase the output of the PS5, Still doesn’t meet demand according to Sony,

According to the report, 60 percent of ordered chips should be available when the hardware is three months away from launch. The remaining orders could then be completed by the end of March 2023. The main goal of a redesign is to reduce costs and reach a breaking point in all aspects compared to the current PS5 revision. However, in the current situation, it is doubtful whether the end consumer will benefit from it.

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It’s doubtful whether Sony is already aiming for a PS5 Pro model after such a short time, or whether it’ll want to try a thinner version first. A mid-gen refresh doesn’t seem that far-fetched, but this time with the PS4 Pro don’t expect it as soon.

As mentioned, Sony has yet to comment on a new PS5 model or a redesign of their console, which is why the whole thing has to be treated with caution.

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