Puzzle Fun Online: The promotional game “Wordle” inspires the world

Puzzle Fun Online: The promotional game "Wordle" inspires the world

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The promotional game “Wordle” inspires the world

A simple browser game smashes the internet and wins millions of daily players without any ads or apps. But what is the hype about “Verdal”?

A game that has gained internet fame with “Wordle” is hardly easy. It comes from the solo developer, Josh Wardle. The Brooklyn-based software developer, who has worked for “Reddit,” among other things, wrote it in his spare time for his partner.

In an interview with the “New York Times” he explained the hype surrounding his creation as follows: “I think people appreciate that there’s something online that’s fun.” The name itself suggests how great Wardley’s own drama instincts are: Wardley is a modification of Wardley’s surname.

The principle of the game is very simple. Six attempts are available to guess a five letter English word. Players first see five empty boxes in which they can enter letters. After each attempt, the “wordle” tells the players whether the selected letters are included – or whether they are placed in the correct place. If a letter appears, the program highlights it in yellow, if it is in the correct place in green. There is only one word every day, with a ticking clock showing when the next daily puzzle will be online.

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After completing a round, users can easily copy their result in the form of point matrix and post it on social media. The grid of green, yellow and black boxes allows other players to share achievements without spoiling them. This makes for a dynamic exchange, posting a massive increase in the past few weeks.

And that through pure word-of-mouth or screen-to-screen propaganda. There is no “Wordle” app, nor does Wardle advertise its program. In addition, “Wordle” is completely free of advertising and otherwise hassle free, so registration is not necessary. From a few dozen users in November 2020, viewership grew to over 3 million in January.

A case from the USA shows how wordy has become a part of everyday life for so many people. Thanks to the game, an 80-year-old woman, who was held by a thief for about 20 hours, was freed. The daughter of suburban Chicago resident Denise Holt became suspicious when her mother, contrary to her habit, failed to send her her daily “wordl” results. Betty, who lives on the other side of the country on the west coast, finally alerted the police, who were able to free Holt.

“Verdal” clone in other languages

Seeing the rapid success of “Verdal” are on the net multiple clones The game appeared. Some of them are deception and fraud attempts, but there are also sensible copies. For example, the provider “puzzlephil” provides a German-language version of “Werdal” on the Austrian domain.

Because “wordl” only uses words that actually exist, various strategies have already been developed for solving puzzles. The word “ADIEU” is a popular first word in both the German and English versions because it contains four of the five vowels. The English-language tech magazine “Wired” has devoted itself to the best English starter word and has come to the conclusion that “notes”, “resin”, “terres” and “senor” are particularly appropriate. However, it is important to note that Wordle is based on American English.

Meanwhile, the “New York Times,” whose daily crossword puzzles and “spelling bee” puzzle fans in times of pandemic weren’t enough for Wardle and his partner, have bought Wordley for a seven-figure sum. “The game did what few games have done – it captured our collective imagination and brought us all closer together,” said Jonathan Knight, executive director of The New York Times’ games subsidiary. The newspaper dismissed fears from Wordley fans around the world that the game could now be subject to a fee. Wordle must continue to be free, otherwise no changes should be made.

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