QAnon / USA: No coup – Joe Biden instead of big “storm”

QAnon / USA: No coup - Joe Biden instead of big "storm"
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Supporters expected: Trump’s last days as president were frustrated inside the “statute” movement: there was no coup.

Washington, DC – About 25,000 National Guardsmen were in Washington on January 20 Joe Biden Sworn to his position in front of the Capitol. More than enough to capture the US capital, arrest the designated president duo and Donald Trump Go straight back to the Oval Office, which he left in the direction of Mar-a-Lago. Why should they have done this? Of course, to highlight the great “storm” on the trailer: inside the plot-theoretic “QAnon“The movement had hoped since Trump was elected. When Biden Then placed his hand on a Bible and swore off many wanted, without arrest or immediately, without hindrance.QAnonFollower: Apparently there is hardly trust inside his eyes. It has been suggested by the news that followers spread online after swearing.

Donald Trump and “Qion” – an alliance tied to high expectations

Is here America But infiltrated by a “deep state”, a state within a state that kidnaps a mass of children thanks to a giant diabolical pedophile ring – at least with no one aware of it “QAnon“Reassured. The group has been systematically spreading this conspiracy theory as well as many related lies since around 2017. They were behind the former president from the start. Donald Trump And saw him as something like a savior, who would uncover the “conspiracy” and punish those involved.

Like Did not accept support publicly condemned the group. His view of the world is made up of not only conspiracy theories but also anti-minority views. “QAnon Is considered a repository of racist, anti-Jewish, right-wing extremist views. When he arrived at the Capitol on 6 January, he apparently took part in the riots and believed he was just before the coup – until security forces called anti-democracy, according to TV broadcaster CNN and other media The shells did not expire.

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But no “storm” on “Deep State” – incomprehensible to Qion.

On January 20, “QAnon“Follower: Last Chance for the Inside” Donald TrumpLive up to claims of agitation with deeds. It did not come to that and instead a candidate from political opponents, Democrat, To White house Irritation was caused by irritability, as documented by CNN and the American medium “The Daily Beast”, according to several statements from followers on social media. They also talk of very different strategies to deal with depression.

CNN quotes from a telegram channel of the movement that subscribed to about 128,000 accounts: “We have been promised arrests, exposures, military regimes and secret documents. Where is it [all] Slave ???????? “According to the” Daily Beast “, the followers made each other: inside each other’s courage,” stand up “is now the order of the day. Battle of Donald Trump There is only a debut against “Deep State”. Other users: According to CNN, the thesis was Like I am still holding the strings and will only formally leave Biden in office. Better still: Biden himself is in favor of the former president and will soon come to his aid against the elite kidnappers who “QAnon“Thinks at work.

Social media platform operators pressurize QAnon

Others clearly want to accept defeat: for example, a prominent head of the movement, Ron Watkins, spoke in a telegram post of “many friends and good memories” that have arisen in recent years in the context of the movement. The “fight” is over now. Another user wrote: “Biden is our president. It’s time for our equipment [gemeint sind Handys und Computer, Anm. d. Red.] Let go and come back to reality. “

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How good “QAnon“I can still communicate via social media is doubtful. Because large network operating companies prefer Facebook or Twitter The latest since the riots in Washington, after the end of the year, increased pressure on the movement. A few days after the Capitol storm Twitter Known, More than 70,000 accounts are said to be blocked which disseminate the movement’s contents. (Mathis pectold)

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