This is why YouTube Star is giving $ 300,000 to his father
01/21/2021 10:00 PM

It has become a real trend in the YouTube scene to give money to strangers and to record their reactions to the video. The idea of ​​the leader of the YouTuber “Nelak” Kyle Forgard was similar, but the recipient is not a stranger, but his father.

Canadian Internet Star and is part of Nellak “-Boyce Kyle Forgard (26) roars his six million social media fans with his latest heart-breaking YouTube video. In this he gives his father a very special surprise and he hardly believes his luck. Can do.

His father never had to work again

In Nelks “The videos are mostly about entertaining pranks or wild party slogans. Your latest project is clearly out of your usual stuff. Kyle Forgard gave his father a check for $ 300,000 in the video. Reason: Kyle’s father Should never go to work again and enjoy his retirement in peace without financial worries. The pensioner is completely speechless and can hardly hold back his tears. A great action!

“I don’t think I’ll be where I’m without my parents”

Kyle’s father was unaware of his son’s surprise. In the passing, Utuber discovers from him how much money he will eventually need to drop his mortgage and retire. He said that he is tired of working. He is 62 years old. I don’t think I’ll be where I am without my parents. So I don’t know what NELK would be if my parents didn’t support me. ‘ Incidentally, Nelx is estimated at about $ 1.65 million.

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There are four of you

The “Nelk” group is actually better known for their funny prank videos. But the emotional clip was also very well received by six million YouTube fans. In addition to leader Kyle, the faction has three others: Jesse Sebastiani, Stephen DeLeonardis and Salim Sirur. Together, the group regularly publishes funny videos from their own lives. Sometimes they film with each other on a wild party night, other times they play pranks on each other or others. Pure entertainment.

This ticktock star also gave gifts to her father

British ticktalk star resembles Jamie Niland „Nelc” – Boyce deKnown for his prank videos. On 7 January, he delights his followers with a different kind of video. Instead of fooling someone as usual, Jamie is a very special surprise to his father. He paid full installments for his father’s house. He is beside himself with happiness and at first believes that it is a prank by his son.


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