Qatar World Cup 2022: Why is Peters still in the World Cup? , Play

Qatar World Cup 2022: Why is Peters still in the World Cup?  ,  Play

DFB-Elf has quickly become extinct. Our referee Daniel Siebert had to go home after two games. But a German FIFA player made it from the beginning of the World Cup to the final.

Peter Peters (60), member of the FIFA Council, ie the government of the world federation. Attentive TV viewers often saw the former Schalke board member panning the camera in the grandstand. Sometimes behind FIFA boss Gianni Infantino or French President Emmanuel Macron.

Very important Peters!

What does a FIFA official do when he is not sitting in the VIP area of ​​the stadium (13 games can be verified in Peters) or sleeping in the “Fairmont” FIFA Hotel?

Peters on BILD demands: “The number of FIFA Council meetings and coordination talks with European and other confederations about world football will be in double digits in the coming years during the World Cup.”

it happened after the game That World Cup moment brought tears to everyone’s eyes

Image: Ahh! And what are they talking about?

Peters: “For example, it’s about the format of the 2026 World Cup in the USA, Mexico and Canada, whether the preliminary round will be played in groups of three or four. It’s about the international schedule for the men’s and women’s competitions.” It is about the allocation process for the 2027 Women’s World Cup, for which the DFB is applying together with the Netherlands and Belgium and which I have just informed DFB President Bernd Neuendorff.

Build: what else?

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Peters: “It is about the fact that the period between the award in 2024 and the World Cup in 2027 is too short at three years. So the 2031 Women’s World Cup will be awarded already in 2025. It is about football in the Olympics questions such as whether futsal will be included in the program and whether 16 teams will be allowed to participate in the women’s tournament in future instead of just 12.

And of course: it’s about the money! With Peters’ help, the council stops Infantino’s plan that FIFA will take over the merchandising at the Club World Cup and that the club (presumably FC Bayern) will earn less.

Did he interject as “our” FIFA man on the topic “One Love”? Peters: “I was neither involved in the run-up to the World Cup by the DFB on the subject of the armband, nor was I contacted by the DFB in Qatar.”

What does a council member like Peters get for so much stress? $150 per work day (plus $250,000 net per year).

It is a farewell to the world stage for the all-important Peters. He will resign in 2023 so that DFB president Neuendorff can be elected to the council by UEFA in March.

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