Quebec in Canada: The Best Tips for a Vacation

Quebec in Canada: The Best Tips for a Vacation

Quebec, Canada’s largest province as well as the only region with a French-speaking majority, draws its visitors away from large cities with beautiful lakes, rivers and forests. Apart from the metropolises of Quebec City and Montreal, which top the list for tourists, there is a lot that should not be missed on a trip to the expansive country. TravelBook reveals what places and landmarks you should visit on your trip to Quebec.

Prefer the feeling of infinite freedom, breathtaking nature and charming cities with European charm? How about a road trip through the Canadian province of Quebec? The French-speaking province is located in northeastern Canada between the Hudson Bay and the St. Lawrence River and is larger than the whole of Germany in terms of area. The mix of stunning nature, expansive sea views and lush forested areas offers many leisure and sporting opportunities, while the metropolis of Quebec attracts art and design enthusiasts with its charming, Francophile architecture. If you want to see a lot of countries, the best thing to do is to rent a car and go on a road trip.

Road Trip on Route 132 Along the St. Lawrence River

Along Route 132, an underground road that runs through the United States from Montreal to Saint-Flavy, there’s pure nature, fresh air, and a wonderful serenity you’re not used to. Hikers enjoy the many national parks with their breathtaking views, colorful meadows, and picturesque villages on the Atlantic. If you drive here, you should take your time and plan for a good week. A stop is worthwhile, for example, in Saguenay Fjord National Park whale watching As well as on one of the many lighthouses or hiking trails that are just off the road.

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Saguenay Fjord National Park. splendid beautiful landscape in Photo: Getty Images

Forillon National Park

Established in 1970, Forillon National Park is the oldest national park in Quebec. The charming mountain landscape features impressive hiking trails with expansive views, rugged cliffs and long pebble beaches. Perfect for all nature lovers!

Rugged cliffs at Forillon National Park in QuebecPhoto: Getty Images

St. Lawrence River

The Saint Lawrence River – the third longest river in North America – is a must see for any tourist to Quebec. The mighty river is home to 13 different species of whales, including blue and humpback whales, which can be seen from May to October. It is best to go on a boat tour from Saguenay Marine Park out.

The islands located here are also worth visiting. The small le-aux-Cdres is easily accessible from the mainland via a free ferry and attracts particularly active vacationers with its kilometer of cycle paths. Those who prefer to take it easy should make the trip to le d’Orléans (three miles from Quebec City). In the summer months you can pick strawberries and raspberries here and eat them right away. If you don’t feel enough in harmony with nature yet, watch the fishermen in the sea and allow yourself to be infused with peace.

Windmill on Isle-aux-CaudressPhoto: Getty Images

train lager de charlevoix

“Train Leger de Charlevoix” offers a very special experience. You feel like Harry Potter on a trip to Hogwarts, on the bus on the rails. The 125-kilometer route between Quebec City, Baie-Saint-Paul and La Malbaie winds through beautiful landscapes of rivers and green national parks, past waterfalls and beautiful stretches of coastline. Those who like to stay active will find stops for quad trips, hikes, climbing routes, and canoe tours en route.

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Picturesque offers a very special flair Montreal With a combination of French culture, colorful roadside paintings and the vibrant life of a university town. The mix of European, North American and modern architecture gives the city an unmistakable character. Here you can start walking without a plan, just take yourself away from the energy of the city and yet unexpectedly come across the city’s palaces and other historical buildings on every corner. The best place to soak up the sun is at Mont Royal, the city’s mountain or port. Montreal is ideal for fans of vegetarian cuisine who will get their money’s worth at one of the many restaurants here. city ​​too LGBTQ Friendly and is known for its gay scene.

A Street Between Historic Buildings in MontrealPhoto: Getty Images

Quebec City

Another city worth visiting in Quebec is Quebec City, the capital of the province. The city, which sits impressively on a cliff on the St. Lawrence River, mesmerizes with a charming old town of narrow cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways that exude the European charm of southern France. In Quebec City, a walk along the old city walls and a visit to the wooden observation deck “Duffrin” is especially worthwhile. Quebec with its old city and fortifications has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. Wine and food culture can easily compete with French culture.

Quebec City
View of Quebec City from the St. Lawrence RiverPhoto: Getty Images

Kamouraska. food in

The food is good throughout Quebec, as traditional, but also “heavy” dishes such as poutine (chips with cheese and gravy) often have foreign influences and modern vegetarian dishes here. A special culinary highlight is the kitchen of the lovely fishing village of Kamorska. Located on the banks of Highway 132, the community is known for its seafood, fresh cheeses, and baguettes. Here you can start the evening at one of the many small restaurants overlooking the ocean, later you can enjoy the sunset while walking on the beach.

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Architecture is special in KamaurskaPhoto: Picture Alliance / Design Pix / First Light | Design Photos / Yves Marcoux

roacher purse

Rock or Island? Rocher Pes or Perce Rock is an island off the coast of Perse which, as the name suggests, is made up of a huge rock. It is divided like a bridge at the mid-level. At low tide the rock attached to the shore by sandbars is quite impressive at 88 metres. A particularly good view of Rocher Perce can be obtained on a boat tour towards the Rock. The island is uninhabited and a bird sanctuary.

Impressive: Rocher PercyPhoto: Getty Images

What applies when entering Canada?

Prior to commencement, passengers arriving by air must apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). It takes about five minutes to fill out, and costs just under ten euros, which can be paid for by credit card. If you enter the country by land or sea, you do not need an ETA. Since the pandemic, holidaymakers have also needed ArrivaCan, an app that displays current vaccination status and other certifications.

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