After a Scary Trip, Lola Weppert Angry Against the Airline: “The Last Dirty Club”

After a Scary Trip, Lola Weppert Angry Against the Airline: "The Last Dirty Club"

Lola Weipert has been on a scary journey. Image: screenshot

“The Last Dirty Club” – The RTL presenter is furious after a scary trip against the airline

Moderator Lola Weipert has had a real odyssey. She just returned from a week-long TV production on a Greek island Germany. But the return journey was anything but smooth. Feather instagram The moderator let his followers participate in his horror journey.

At first everything seemed to go according to plan. After a long period of filming on a small Greek island, Lola takes a small machine to Athens. From there it should proceed again Berlin Flying – But as soon as she was on the plane, the test began. Lola reported on a rather full plane with the first message suggesting something bad was going on.

Since a quick start was not possible, he did not get a free slot and therefore must wait for two hours on the plane. At this point he was already several hours late.

Lola Weipert keeps her fans up to date. Image: screenshot

Lola Weipert reports on a scary flight

When it finally started, the plane picked up speed on the runway, with the pilot applying the brakes abruptly, as Lola also pointed out a short time later. reason: There is a technical fault in the plane, they have to return.

and that’s not all. Lola, who tried to stay calm and above all to maintain her good mood in this situation, got in touch with her partner again after a delay of about six hours. fan with an update.

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Due to heavy delays, the crew would have to work overtime, which is why they would no longer fly the plane not to Berlin, but to the greater Venice. However, it remains to be seen whether one can travel to Berlin from there on the same day. So now it has to be seen whether the passengers want to get down or not and thus the luggage has to be unloaded. If that is the case, the onward flight will be canceled anyway, the duo explained earlier.

particularly problematic about the wait: there was not a single Essen According to Lola, the ship was stingy and even with the water.

Image: screenshot

Another serious update on Odyssey, after a seven-hour wait:

Lola Weipert Raid Against the Airline: “Shame on You”

Lola added ironically: “Happiness is great.” But apparently things turned out a little differently in the end. Shortly after, Lola posted a story about an airplane approaching Venice. Then the onward journey to Berlin must continue on the same day. However, the 25-year-old was particularly pleased, as the Venice pilot announced he would make sure everyone had something to eat – after an eight-hour wait.

But in the end it didn’t happen. “Ten hours on the plane and we’ve got nothing to eat,” Lola wrote to the airline in her story, adding frankly: “Shame on you!”

After stopping in Venice, it eventually moved to Berlin – at least with fresh water for travellers. Only for this should suddenly be paid.

Image: screenshot

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RTL Presenter with a scathing conclusion

After Lola Weipert finally landed in Berlin, the first thing she ate herself was pizza. “Nothing to eat for ten hours. And you know me, I need a lot of food. It was scary,” she said briefly before exiting the house on her scary flight:

It was “the last dirty club,” he enraged. There are also children, adults and older people People Those on board were not given anything to eat for more than ten hours. Nothing sold because apparently there was nothing. “I think it’s too bad,” Lola judged. Even water was served only after repeated inquiries, but that too little, as it reportedly is no longer, the moderator said angrily:

“Guys, we sit on this plane for ten hours and you don’t even give a crap that we get this water for free? This is very disgusting behavior and I really have to put myself together for not uttering all the bad slang Pulling is what I use because I think it’s disgusting, it’s disgusting.”

Lola draws conclusions from this experience. She never wants to fly with the airline again.


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