Dana Schweiger has lost ten kilos

Dana Schweiger has lost ten kilos

The former model has recently been plagued by weight issues. Now Dana Schweiger finds out why — and the pound has dropped.

At “Mon Cheri Barbara Tag” in Munich, Dana Schweiger turned out to be a hottie on the red carpet. Not only because the ex-wife of actor Til Schweiger dazzled with her dazzling gold dress. She also presented a much slimmer silhouette. In an interview with “Bunty”, the 54-year-old proudly revealed, “I lost ten kilos within twelve weeks.”

Dana Schweiger proudly flaunts her new figure. (Source: imago/Barbara Insinger)

In recent years, the former model has struggled with gaining weight. As of late, the extra pounds just stubbornly held on, no matter what efforts Dana made. It was only a few months ago that she found out the reason: due to menopause, her hormonal balance had gone completely out of whack.

Dana Schweiger reveals the secret of her figure

“To be honest, I hardly noticed it because I didn’t have any symptoms other than not having periods,” says the mother of four. A specialist told her and advised her to take medicine in the form of a cream and capsules – since then, according to Dana, the pounds have been falling.

Dana Schweiger in May with ten kilos more.
Dana Schweiger in May with ten kilos more. (Source: Franziska Krug/Getty Images)

“Hormone balance is critical to women’s physical and mental health and is not adequately considered by general practitioners,” stresses the 54-year-old. Along with this, she now pays more attention to diet and exercise. “8,000 steps a day or a 45-minute walk is enough,” says the former model.

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