Rafael Jorge: It prevented the return of Geisslinger

Rafael Jorge: It prevented the return of Geisslinger

About his former club, his life in Canada and the World Cup

Return to his home club – It would have been the transfer coup of the year. Raphael George has also been training at FC Langjesling since September.

tall geesling – However, there probably won’t be any games for the district league team. After his time with Bavarian league club FC Ismaning and state league teams TSV Grunwald and SpVgg Landshut, the native Brazilian moved to Canada in 2020 to study, where he played for Altitude FC. Now he lived in his old homeland for half a year.

The FCL reacted quickly, applying for a game permit, which failed as George was still playing for the Altitude in August. “Unfortunately, we paid a little bit of tuition. We didn’t know the impact a game in Canada could have on the Upper Bavarian District League East,” says Maxi Maier, technical manager and a player in the FCL himself. He would have liked to have the 24-year-old in his team “because he is a Is an excellent outside player”. Maier knows this because George trains regularly. We caught up with the student (Nutrition and Food Service Management) and wanted to know who he was cheering for in the World Cup.

Raphael George, how was your return to Langengisling?

Of course, it was good to be home again. It was the club that took me when I moved to Germany with my family at the age of ten. I have always felt very comfortable and have good memories with the boys. But it is true that I can only train and I am not getting a chance because I am not allowed to play, it is a shame. This would have made the return even better.

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Do you still know the players from your early days?

At that time I was in elementary school with Niko Simak. He is one of my oldest friends. I played for a long time with Kilian and Severin Stenzel, Hannes Dornauer, Florian Rupprecht and Paul Bucher. These are the people I’ve been waiting for.

But now there is only training instead of assist and pass.

This is really disturbing. You go to training to prepare for the game and the opponent, to improve yourself. I want to help the team. And then you just watch the game. It is painful. But I am grateful that I can train with you. The level is very high, so is the intensity. I only have good things to say about the coaches. He trains very well. This is optimal for me and my next chapter in Canada.

Speaking of Canada – can you compare to the level of district leagues?

Unfortunately I can’t say anything because I couldn’t play.

How was your study in Canada?

In the beginning of 2020, I wanted to study but at the same time wanted to play football. I was born in Richmond, less than five minutes from Vancouver. My father asked me if I too could imagine spending time in Canada. Then I got scholarship from Langra University. I played there for two years. I thought it was a really cool combination of football and studies. At the beginning of the year, I received an inquiry from a semi-professional club. And then I played there. And when I come back I will play there again.

How is life in Canada? How is it different from Germany?

The saying about Canadians is actually true: they are really nice, helpful and incredibly social. It’s so fun to be with people who are so open. This matches my mindset as well. But it also has to be said that Canada’s population is far more international, with a large Asian culture. I met a lot of Brazilians. What I don’t like is the architecture. Canada has a much older history than Europe. You can see it in buildings. You won’t find old, historic homes like Munich’s in Vancouver. The food is also very different. What’s good for me: I’m really into donuts, and Canadians are real experts here. They have lots of donut shops and an incredible selection. It may not sound so important now, but I look forward to the best donuts in the world.

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How is football there?

From time to time you still see the old kick and rush, where balls are hit at a strong player. We have three coaches from France and Italy, who played in the first league there and attach great importance to the European style and playful tone. I like it. I also don’t mind playing against kick ‘n’ rush teams.

Now the world cup starts. Who are you cheering for? Germany? Canada? Brazil?

I’ve always been for Brazil. Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Robinho – these were my childhood heroes. I also think we have a good chance this year. The team is of high quality, the cohesion and team spirit is perfect. you just feel good. And Neymar has had a great season.

and Canada?

It’s great that Canada is participating for the first time since the 1980s. It is a talented team, but also an inexperienced one. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Canada and Germany as well. But I don’t think the national team is that strong this year. Things could get pretty tight if the laugh flick didn’t work some special magic.

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