Raspberry Leaf Tea – Preparation and Uses

Raspberry Leaf Tea - Preparation and Uses

Raspberry Leaf Tea – Correct Application

Due to the labor-inducing effects of raspberry leaf tea, pregnant women should not consume it before the 34th week of pregnancy (GW). Consumption of hot drinks should be increased from the 34th week of pregnancy till the birth of the baby – this information is true not generally accepted, During pregnancy, you should definitely discuss the possible application with your treating gynecologist, your treating gynecologist or your midwife in advance. If you have received the OK from them, you can start using it from the 34th week of pregnancy.

In the period from the 34th week of pregnancy until birth, the amount you drink can be increased to benefit from the drink’s positive effects. It is often advised to stop for a week after taking it for one week so that the effects can fully develop again the following week. At the 34th week of pregnancy, for example, one cup can be drunk a day, the next week there is a break. Two cups are drunk daily in the 36th week of pregnancy, with a break in the 37th week of pregnancy. If you want to stimulate labor just before birth, you can drink up to four cups a day – but always in consultation with your midwife or doctor.

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Make Your Own Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf tea tastes different than many people expect No Like raspberries, since only the leaves of the plant are processed and no components of the fruit are involved. Unlike raspberry tea, the drink, similar to black tea, has a bitter taste. To benefit from the health benefits of the hot drink, you can buy ready-made tea either at organic markets or health food stores and online – while buying, you should definitely look for organic quality so that the product is free from harmful substances – Or you can make it yourself. The preparation is very easy. For this you only need two ingredients:

  • 1-2 tbsp raspberry leaves
  • hot water
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Grind the leaves of raspberry and keep it in a mug. Then pour hot water over it and let it soak for ten to fifteen minutes. The drink is now ready for consumption.

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