Red Bull – Perez set deadline: 100 percent after 5 races

Red Bull - Perez set deadline: 100 percent after 5 races – During the test drive before the 2021 Formula 1 season, Sergio Perez will have to use his new environment at Red Bull within just one and a half days. A major challenge, especially when you consider how the internal team tests between its two predecessors, Alex Albon and Pierre Galli, and Max Verstappen. Perez doesn’t think he’ll be able to find his way around the team from the start of the season, but that should change after just a few Grand Prix.

Perez faces ultimatum: 5 races to understand everything

Asked how long it would take him to get to this point, Perez gave a number: five races. “I think after five races we went through all the possible scenarios and races and I can understand the car and the team better. So five races is a good goal,” Perez said.

Accordingly, Peres intends to become a 100 percent Canadian Grand Prix in the first overseas race of the season. The Mexican also notes: “It is difficult to give an exact number,” said Perez, keeping his purpose in perspective.

Perez on Red Bull: “Have to be patient”

In order to live up to this claim, Perez wants to avoid haste to work. “The best I can do is to work with patience and engineers. Then I will progress to improve my bearings.”

The fact that the test drive has become much smaller than in years past makes the process of Perez’s acceleration even more difficult. “This is by far the shortest pre-season in my career. There are a lot of things that I have to learn in a car,” said Perez.

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Extreme driving style: many points collected

Perez does not want to get involved in the discussion of whether the Red Bull RB 16B suits his driving style. Just so: The car showed good potential in Bahrain under various circumstances.

When Aston Martin was presented, his driving style was last described as “extreme”. When asked about this assessment, Perez could not do without a short swipe of his former employer. “I think this extreme driving style helped us score a lot of points.” At Red Bull, he hopes that he will have no way to drive a Formula 1 car.

Formula 1 season 2021: Five team changes, three crooks

Perez is not the only driver who will have to find his way into a new environment in the 2021 Formula 1 season. A total of eight drivers will compete for a new racing team in the first race in Bahrain or in the case of two Haas drivers and Yuki Sanunoda, even their first Grand Prix. During the test drive, Daniel Ricciardo stated that he was not yet in range and Ferrari also granted Carlos Sainz a grace period for the start of the Formula 1 season.

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