Red Bull Salzburg Head Coach Matt McElwain: “Take on the challenge”

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EC Red Bull Salzburg will play a away-from-home ICE Hockey League game against HCB Südtirol Alperia on Sunday (Bojan, 7:00 pm) and seek to win their first win of the season against the leaders in the third attempt. This task is again a major challenge, the South Tyrolleys remain very consistent and have suffered the fewest defeats so far.

In theory, one should be able to assume that the top team in the league has the fewest defeats. South Tyrolians are no exception, but in this figure they clearly stand out from the rest of the region. Only seven defeats in 27 matches effectively showed that you have to work hard to win the points or win against the Italians. For comparison: The Red Bulls have lost ten times in 26 matches and appear as the second best team in this ranking.

The team, made up of nine Italians and 18 players from the United States and Canada – nine of North American imports have dual Canadian or American-Italian citizenship – was the last to fall on December 30 in Dornburn (1: 2). Two years later, on New Year’s Day, the Red Bulls were close to their first win of the season against Bolzano, but were eventually beaten 4-5 after a penalty shootout. Earlier, on 26 December, Salzburg lost 2–0 to Bojan.

So this time there remains the HCB team which if you want to reach the top, then it should be defeated. Salzburg head coach Matt McElwain is aware of this and is tampering with yesterday’s plan based on past experience: “It’s obviously always the same. They play hard and physically and use their great potential to create opportunities. Especially in front of the gate they are very dangerous and difficult to stop. But we accept the challenge and drive Bolzano with inspiration. ”

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And with the confidence of the last three consecutive wins – yesterday in a 3–2 home win against Bratislava, Jack Skill made a brilliant comeback with two goals, he would play for the first time against Bolzano yesterday – to which the Red Bulls would like to add a fourth. Alexander Alexander Rauchwald, Rick Schofield and Philip Virjeka do not meet in the bus, Nikko Feldner is the suspect. The game in Bolzano starts at 7:00 pm (note: yesterday’s time changed yesterday due to the TV broadcast) and will be streamed on

ICE Hockey League at stake
HCB Südtirol Alperia – EC Red Bull Salzburg
Sun, 10 January, 2021; Salzburg Ice Arena, 7:00 pm.

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