“Without a filter, without makeup” – Lenny Klum shows her pimples

"Without a filter, without makeup" - Lenny Klum shows her pimples

Fans are used to beautifully portray Heidi Klum’s photographs. She shows her followers elaborately, revealing pictures of poses and couples. Her daughter Lenny has a different motive: the naked truth.

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There was a big surprise at the end of last year: Heidi Klum and her daughter Lenny appeared together in a cover shoot for “Eva”. Some time ago, the GNTM producer had already announced in an interview with “People” magazine: “She is quite old now.” Lenny Klum, according to tenure, is now following in the footsteps of her model mother.

In fact, the age of 16 has come into the limelight as the new year has started with a new job – And Mama Heidi was excited about it once again. Now the tall, fair-skinned girl presents herself as a completely different side and Heidi Klum has (so far) returned with a backlash.

“My skin on a bad day,” Lenny writes under a picture that shows close to his face. Half of his face can be seen in profile, the cheeks are covered with many red skin irritations. Pimples on a model? An unusual scene that followers are not used to from their mother’s profile. But Lenny Klum is in his teens, so the glowing skin is hardly surprising. With her hashtags #nomakeup, #nofilter and #sowhat she states exactly: no makeup, no filters, who cares?

Over 530,000 people follow celebrity children on Instagram. There are many enthusiasts: there were already over 83,000 “likes” within 13 hours. Among them are prominent names such as Canada supermodel Winnie Harlow with white spots disease. German Youtuber Diana zur Löwen writes: “Thank you for your honesty.” Many other commentators join the post. Only one thing is unknown: what his mother says about it.

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