Republicans are pressurizing Biden in the US budget dispute

Status: 04/27/2023 5:14 am

Republicans in the US Congress want to force President Biden to make concessions on government spending. He is not ready to accept the terms of raising the credit limit – at least not yet.

The US House of Representatives has passed a bill to increase the debt limit. As per the proposal, the government can borrow $1.5 trillion more than before.

In return, most Republican members of the congressional chamber agreed to tighter spending restrictions. It’s a tactical victory for Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. He is demanding US President Joe Biden to negotiate the government’s budget to prevent the government from going bankrupt with dire consequences.

The law has practically no chance in the Senate

The legislation passed with a slim majority of 217 to 215 votes. Biden has threatened to veto the Republican package, which has almost no chance of passing the Democrat-controlled Senate.

So far, the President has refused to negotiate a debt ceiling. The White House insists it must be lifted unconditionally to ensure the country can meet its commitments.

However, the draft budget has little chance of passing the Republican-dominated Congress.

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However, McCarthy’s ability to consolidate his slim majority and get the measure through the House of Representatives — even in the face of opposition from Democrats and dissidents within his own party — forced Biden to negotiate. may prove to be important. “We did our job. The president can no longer afford to ignore the conversation,” McCarthy said after voting at the Capitol Building in Washington. “They should now sit down and have a talk.”

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As the House of Representatives debated the proposed legislation, Biden indicated he might open the door to talks with McCarthy — but not about averting an unprecedented US default that would rock the US economy and have far-reaching consequences. Will be

“I’m happy to meet with McCarthy, but not on whether to raise the debt ceiling,” Biden said. “It’s non-negotiable.” The US debt ceiling currently stands at $31 trillion.

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