Resident Evil: Village received donations to DLC expansion

Resident Evil: Village received donations to DLC expansion

in today E3. Showcase for Capcom does the publisher have dlc Resident Evil: Village has been announced, which is currently being developed.

in a special message Resident Evil: Village-Producer Suyoshi Kanda was the first to thank fans for the feedback on the game, which couldn’t have been more spectacular for Capcom. To honor this, development of a DLC was initiated.

However, there are currently no more precise details about this DLC, as the development is only in the early stages. An epilogue or a prequel story can be imagined that bridges the gap between Resident Evil VII and village Work done. More details will come at a later date.

impressions too Resident Evil: Village there is one more In our review of the game.

Resident Evil RE: Verse debuted in July

Release Time Window for Resident Evil RE: Verse Confirmed next July. It really should have been available with the release of the main game, but due to technical problems it was adjourned at short notice.

primarily intended Resident Evil Re-Verse Also be a fan service with which Capcom is celebrating the series’ 25th anniversary. Here one sees the potential of how one can bring the universe together and approach it in a meaningful way.

this is how you become Resident Evil Re-Verse See many familiar faces and characters including Claire Redfield, Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy. But even from a playful point of view you want something”New“Proposal, as has already been indicated.

Resident Evil RE: Verse Still free to all owners of Resident Evil Village Available when available.

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