Room 5 in 3 corridors in the catacomb of the velodrome

Room 5 in 3 corridors in the catacomb of the velodrome

I slept comfortably on the night of April 9, 2021. My vaccinations at the Velodrome were imminent. Please bring complete documents, IDs and, if available, vaccination certificates. I had everything but my vaccination card. You can go by taxi or BVG shuttle bus from Velodrome. I rode my bike.

Although I suspected incriminating evidence from the vaccination center, but could not find any, I inadvertently climbed down the iron stairs to the catacomb of the velodrome. Some people were standing in a colorful vest on the first floor, they could not identify what they had to do there, but to tell them that one floor had to go down. I could use the arrow pointing in one direction on the cement floor, but I didn’t need to. A traffic policeman with a red vest began choreography of directions. Then a short stop at an interception. A woman on the left checked my temperature on my pulse, while another woman on the right checked my vaccination code. Then I used to go down a long corridor with arrows in red or yellow-green vests by other people every two meters in a red or yellow-green vest.

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