Rudy Giuliani faces bankruptcy – Donald Trump turns away

Rudy Giuliani faces bankruptcy - Donald Trump turns away
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Rudy Giuliani went out of his way to help Donald Trump. But he doesn’t want to hear anything from his old lawyer.

WASHINGTON DC – Rudy Giuliani has long been the tough guy on Donald Trump’s team. That’s enough. There is hardly any case that anyone close to the former US President has ever distinguished himself through humility, kindness or compassion. Here only Trump’s sons Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump are mentioned, who like to spit poison and bile. But Giuliani tops one nonetheless. It was not for nothing that he was voted Donald Trump’s most prolific gunman in the 2020 election year.

But now Rudy Giuliani is in ink, only because of Donald Trump. But what is the former US President doing in this time of need? He apparently leaves his old friend in the rain.

Rudy Giuliani is facing bankruptcy

As for Rudy Giuliani, it currently looks like he should be spending all his stuff in his fight for Donald Trump. His frequent attacks against the Dominion Voting Systems Company, especially after Trump’s defeat Joe Biden In the November 2020 election, Giuliani could be the darling. The Canadian company that made voting machines for the United States is seeking damages from Rudy Giuliani. You have to look almost twice to really understand what the amount is: 1.3 billion US dollars. You don’t just rock it up your sleeve.

Of course, Rudy Giuliani defends himself with hands and feet against Dominion’s defamation lawsuit. But even legal fees are not made from paper, they eat it. In short, Rudy Giuliani is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Name Rudolph William Louis “Rudy” Giuliani III
profession jurist
former post Mayor of New York City
New York State Attorney
Birth 28. May 1944
birth place East Flatbush, New York City, New York, USA

Donald Trump has nothing to do with Rudy Giuliani anymore

And Donald Trump? He doesn’t give a tired mark to his former lawyer. And Trump raised about $82 million in donations in 2021 alone. An unusually high amount in a year in which there is no conclusive election on the program. But Trump clearly has no interest in using this campaign account, only to help someone he no longer has anything to do with.

But doing nothing stirs up enthusiasm in Rudy Giuliani’s camp. As NY Times reporter Maggie Haberman reported on Twitter, they are “horrified” by Trump’s behavior, especially since Giuliani attacked voting machine maker Dominion on behalf of and on behalf of Donald Trump. But Giuliani certainly can’t expect help from Donald Trump. It’s also “problematic” According to Haberman from Trump’s Surroundings. Anyway, Giuliani should have known in advance what he was doing.

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Rudy Giuliani is not aware of any guilt

But Rudy Giuliani doesn’t just have to deal with Dominion’s lawsuit. His involvement in the Ukraine case, which led to the first impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, still raises many questions. An investigation is currently underway by the federal police, the FBI, which raided the former New York mayor’s residence and office in late April. Giuliani is not aware of any guilt. “I haven’t committed a crime,” he said in a recent television interview on NBC News Channel, but was also ready to “go to jail.” The same can hardly be said of Donald Trump. (Christian Store)

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