Samsung Premium Plus: Enhanced promotion with cashback and free phone

Samsung expands promotion of Premium Plus

Samsung expands its PremiumPlus campaign. As part of this, you can choose to get a cashback discount or a free smartphone when you buy a TV or soundbar.

PremiumPlus is now rolling out, We had already reported on the doctorate, therefore up to and including September 30, 2021. Anyone who purchases a promotional TV or promotional soundbar from Samsung until that time limit can choose the bonus – cashback or free product bonus. Depending on the equipment purchased, a smartphone or suitable soundbar is available for free. Alternatively, customers can choose the cashback amount for certain models.

part of the action These include the current Neo QLED 8K, 4K QLED Q95T and Q90T as well as lifestyle televisions The Frame and The Terrace and the ultra-short throw projectors The Premiere LSP9 and LSP7. The premium soundbars HW-Q950A and HW-Q900A also participate. There are two prizes to choose from for each campaign model. For example, if you choose the 752 or 85-inch QN900A, you can choose between the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G smartphone and the HW-Q950T premium soundbar.

Samsung is now continuing with Premium Plus till the end of September 2021.
Samsung is now continuing with Premium Plus till the end of September 2021.

As an alternative to the Galaxy smartphone, there is also a cashback amount of up to EUR 350 available for selected promotional devices. In addition, all QLED campaign TVs also include das made-for-germany-paket With streaming content. It should be noted that only devices with the German model code participate. So, make sure you don’t catch any gray imports. After buying you can go to register.

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Rules are becoming action in Samsung

Meanwhile, Samsung seems to think that you shouldn’t buy a QLED TV except on promotion, as Samsung has one running almost all the time. After purchase, you should receive cashback or the device of your choice as a bonus within a maximum of 45 working days after registration. You have a maximum of October 14, 2021 to register. Anyone who has already thought of buying a QLED will surely be happy to take it with them.

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