Savings bank customer accounts at risk from new scam

Savings bank customer accounts at risk from new scam

Sparkasse customers should keep a close eye on their email. Clicking on the attached link can have fatal consequences.

Dortmund – Almost everything works digitally now. Fraudsters shamelessly take advantage of this – or at least try to. Anyone who uses online banking with Sparkasse’s push-TAN process North Rhine-Westphalia And all Germany is certainly familiar. For example, customers will have to confirm an upcoming transfer through an app on their smartphone.

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Sparkasse: New scam puts customer accounts at risk

sparksay client However, now let’s take a closer look at the mail. This is not the first time that fraudsters have attempted to obtain sensitive data through so-called phishing emails. As the Consumer Advice Center now writes, this is a anticipated update of the push-TAN process, Report,

In this way, cybercriminals are trying to get hold of Sparkasse customers’ data with the subject line “Pending PushTen 2.0 Update”. Scammer’s emails often look deceptively genuine. It also has a link that the affected people should click. Once there, consumers must compare and verify the data stored in the database. Once this is done, this information does not go to the bank, but into the hands of scammers.

Incorrect sparkmail in circulation: Do not click on the link under any circumstances

An email from scammers might read as:

Pending PushTen 2.0 Update

You are threatened with a system-wide usage ban.

dear customers,
To ensure that your online banking remains secure, we are updating our systems. Your help is needed to complete the update. This requires that the information stored about you in our databases be compared and verified.
How does it go from here?

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Read all the information and instructions given.

Start the process and follow all the steps carefully.

Check your information several times to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Confirm all the entries made and wait for the confirmation.

This process is processed automatically by our system and if done correctly, you will receive an official confirmation of successful implementation.

Anyone who finds such an email from Sparkasse in their inbox should immediately move it to the Spam folder. In any case, clicking on the attached link should be avoided.

Sparkasse, which already had to deal with data thieves in JulyNot the only bank affected by phishing emails. DKB customers have also fallen prey to fraudsters,

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