Science claims these are the scariest horror movies

Science claims these are the scariest horror movies

The “Science of Scar Project” has again tried to use scientific tools to find out which horror movie is the scariest.

Autumn has started and with it is the favorite season for horror movie fans. For many viewers, it also begs the question of the next big setback. When choosing horror movies in particular, “Science of Scar Project 2021” can help, which tries to be as objective as possible. scariest horror movie To determine.

In 2020, “Sinister” was named the scariest film of all time. You can rent the film from Amazon.

project from broadband option By measuring the heart rate, it tries to find out which movie shocked the audience the most. The winner of the project “Sinister” in 2020 was. Another film made it to the top this year: namely “host” by Rob Savage, which was filmed via video conference in just a few weeks and has yet to appear in this country.

For the study, 250 people showed 40 horror movies that were selected on the basis of various leaderboards. New horror films from last year have also been taken into account. The pulse of the participants was measured during darshan. With the “host” the heart beats per minute (SPM) reached an average of 88, compared to an average resting heart rate of 64. “Sinister” still comes in second place with 86 spm. Barring a few exceptions, the list is almost identical to last year’s results. You can find out which movies made the top list in the video:

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These are the ten scariest horror movies of 2021

  1. “Host” (Rob Savage)
  2. “Sinister” (Scott Derrickson)
  3. “Insidious” (James Van)
  4. “Conjuring – Die Heimsuchung” (James Wan)
  5. “Hereditary – Inheritance” (Eri Aster)
  6. “Fearful” (Damien Ragna)
  7. “It Follows” (David Robert Mitchell)
  8. “A Quiet Place 2” (John Krasinski)
  9. “Paranormal Activity” (Oren Peli)
  10. “Conjuring 2” (James Wan)

Like last year, James Wan is again the director with the most films in the top 10. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all, that his films are well-liked by the general public and provide many moments of shock that get pulse racing. Compared to the previous year, the study has become significantly more representative, with 250 instead of 50 participants. However, the question again arises as to how worthwhile an experiment is, in which horror films with multiple jumpscares are given an advantage over slower films. Nevertheless, the project can help one or another viewer choose a film.

Are you a horror expert and can you only recognize movies based on victims?

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