Science: Mysterious Mass Extinction! you were almost extinct

Science: Mysterious Mass Extinction!  you were almost extinct

Science: Mysterious Mass Extinction! you almost disappeared from the earth

Cruises: Holiday on the High Seas

Cruises: Vacation on the High Seas

More tourists set sail every year. Cruises are becoming increasingly popular around the world. More and more Germans are also holidaying on the high seas.

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The one animal we all know almost went extinct! two female scientist completely unknown before mass destruction got to know.

According to “Spiegel,” the species they examined are sharks. In form of Science This particular discovery made possible, you can read below.

Science: Deep-sea drilling in the North and South Pacific yields new knowledge

Harvard University researchers Elizabeth Sibert and Leah Rubin of the Private College of the Atlantic examined sediments from deep-sea drilling in the North and South Pacific. Inside they found tiny fossilized skin scales and fish teeth.

Using the knowledge gained by Sibert and Rubin, they observed shark species and their abundance over the past 40 million years.

What he discovered astonished him. About 19 million years ago, 90 percent fewer sharks suddenly swam into the ocean. The diversity of fish also decreased – by about 70 percent.

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But not only this, the shark species was threatened.

Even today the shark population is at risk – it’s human fault

The sudden disappearance of sharks from ocean records can only be conjectured. But according to marine ecologists Catalina Pimiento and Nicolas Pinson, humans achieved what they did 19 million years ago in less than a century.

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Even today, sharks are seriously threatened – by humans. Overfishing has reduced the shark population by more than 70 percent.

Marine ecologists demand that Spiegel suggests that more countries should limit the catch of deep-sea sharks: “the ecological fate of what is left is now in our hands”. (lb)

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