Secret Royals Meeting: Charles the Heir to the Queen? If he doesn’t want the crown, he only has one chance

Secret Royals Meeting: Charles the Heir to the Queen?  If he doesn't want the crown, he only has one chance
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Prince Charles is about to become the next King of Britain. This is what the line of succession provides. At a royal secret meeting, the “Charles problem” was discussed.

LONDON – In April this year, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 95th birthday with close family members. Some time ago, she had to take her husband, Prince Philip, to the grave. After this tragic incident, once again the question arose as to who became the next monarch in the British royal family. After all, Queen Elizabeth II is no longer the youngest and, according to one expert and contrary to popular opinion, may be abdicating the crown soon. According to the line of succession, it would be the turn of his son, Prince Charles. Two secret meetings are said to have taken place at Buckingham Palace to discuss whether Prince Charles is a suitable candidate.

Royals: Succession to the throne advised by Prince Charles in secret meetings

because loud build.d According to an insider, several staff and representatives of the Queen and her grandson, Prince William and his wife Kate, are skeptical and think Prince Charles has “no desire for the throne” as a “Charles problem”. has gone. However, the chances of the queen’s son escaping this responsibility are slim. According to royal expert Ingrid Seward, he probably won’t even do that.

He is convinced that once the queen dies, Charles will become king. “He himself said: ‘It’s not a job like a bus driver. That’s what I was born for.'”, Seward knows and explains: “What does Charles mean: it is not in his power to decide whether he Will be king or not. With succession to the throne being governed by inheritance law, Charles will be the next ruler to rule the United Kingdom.” However, there is a way to circumvent the arrangement.

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Royals: Will Prince Charles be the next king?

Accordingly, Charles can refer to an incurable disease. A parliamentary act would be necessary so that the crown could be handed over directly to his son, William. However, this approach would be “dirty”, as experts say. They also think it is unlikely that the royal family will mess with the system. Because then probably many people would have questioned the need for a monarchy. But Prince Charles is not only concerned with the succession to the throne: relations with his youngest son Prince Harry have remained strained since the interview with Oprah Winfrey. (JBR)

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