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SCUM: The Next Stage Metabolism - Wound Healing - ScumWorld

With one of the next updates there will be many changes to the healing of wounds in SCUM. It was already clear that they would continue to work on the metabolism. Now, slowly but surely, the next phase seems to be beginning. as it is already Baluba Already mentioned in the SCUM news ticker (click here to read) immune system and infection are linked, but contamination of wounds by dirt or bacteria is also possible. Tomislav described this in a bit more detail in his responses to the tweet, let’s take a look together:

wound care changes

  • Immune system (with respect to the trait CON)
  • impurity (dirt/bacteria) and finally
  • Infection occurs when the immune system is unable to fight off bacterial growth.

The upcoming update will give the player the ability to treat wounds with dirty rags, remove bandages from wounds, and disinfect wounds. The use of antibiotics will also affect the immune system and strengthen it accordingly. This is far from a simple IF THEN ELSE statement, the simulation is very complex and deeply intertwined with metabolism.

The trait depends on CON, which defines the strength of the immune system (when CON is reduced, the immune system also weakens). Then there are the sources of bacteria, be it anything from puppet paws, dirty hands, dirty clothes or rags placed on the wound. Infections take a long time to develop, but they need to be treated sooner or later, or sepsis can result. The severity of the wound is also an important factor. Sometimes you have to choose between stopping the bleeding or risking infection.

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If all goes well, and things are looking good at the moment, this system will give us many interesting improvements, like cleaning our hands before fixing ourselves or other people. Also using toilet paper is something that many gamers have been waiting for almost 4 years. It is still unclear when these changes in wound healing will eventually be introduced. One thing is clear, at some point with one of the next patches. But you’ll get to read it from us as soon as it appears. ,

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