See, Feel, Taste Canada, Viking Riesen GmbH, press release

See, Feel, Taste Canada, Viking Riesen GmbH, press release
See, feel, taste – Canada is an experience for the senses. The breathtaking panoramas, elk, bear and Indian summer leave the eye spoiled. The vastness and wilderness of the Rockies convey a sense of infinite freedom. And there is certainly more to like in Quebec than French cuisine. Small Viking groups explore Canada in a recreational and active way: by foot and canoe – from the Yukon to the St. Lawrence River.

Canada: a lot to see
Turquoise blue mountain lakes, fiery waterfalls, icy glaciers – fans of nature can hardly get enough of the Rocky Mountains. You can enjoy the panorama of the banks of the Athabasca River by canoe. You’ll hike old logging trails, with views of the Ten Peaks Valley, to Wilcox Pass and the Sulfur Skyline Trail. Or explore Jasper by bike. Plenty of colorful spots are also guaranteed by autumn’s “active Indian summer” experience: with colorful forests, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Canada: Boundless Outer Sensation
Immerse yourself in the wilderness, immerse yourself in the vastness, experience infinite freedom. In Canada, you can feel the boundless outside feeling at every turn. Nature lovers flock to Jasper, Banff and Pacific Rim National Parks. Explore Mount Robson and Wells Gray Provincial Park. and hike to the solitude of Mount Caribou.

Cooking Canada: From Hamburgers to Haute Cuisine
The culinary mecca of Canada is of course called Quebec. The “Quebec Across the Country” hiking tour offers exercise and pleasure, a mix of wilderness and cosmopolitan cities: hikers conquer the Panorama Trail to Pic Johanssen, explore the moose and bear track with a trapper, follow the cliffs of Saguenay Fjord We do. And enjoy a delicious combination of hamburgers and haute cuisine in Montreal and Ville de Québec.

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about canada

Quebec Cuisine is extremely diverse. The traditional dish “poutine” is rather rustic, but you should definitely try it: French fries with dark gravy and pieces of cheese. There is a special kind of cheese made in Quebec and you can only get it locally.

Gives the feeling of an all-round good journey canadian friendship: Along hiking trails as well as in restaurants or supermarkets. Canadians always welcome guests, no matter where they are.

Travel dates and prices in 2022, eg. b.

hiking tours in small groups

4205 – Rocky Mountains on foot and by canoe: 19 days from 3,495 euros, from June to September, minimum 7, maximum 12 participants
4221 – Colors Canada – Active Experience Indian Summer: 3,495 euros for 12 days, September and October, minimum 8, maximum 16 participants
4206 – From the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver Island: 20 days from EUR 5,195, May to October, minimum 8, maximum 12 participants
4209 – Best of Canada – Actively Exploring the Beauty of the West: 20 days from 5,548 euros, June to October, minimum 7, maximum 12 participants
4220 – Across Quebec Borders: 15 days from EUR 3,895, July to October, minimum 8, maximum 16 participants

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