Semi-final race completed – Germany in sixth place

Finnland bejubelt den Sieg in der letzten Spielminute gegen Schweden.  (Foto: dpa/picture alliance/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Lacedaur: ca. 1 minute

Because Swords, who finished third in Group B, were already 2–0 ahead of the first third. Elmer Söderblum’s second goal in the 17th minute was particularly chic. He took the disc in front of the gate, turned and picked up the puck with his own legs in the corner. The lead was not enjoyed with the Blue-Yellow until the end of the game. Finland equalized for the 52nd minute before Sumi succeeded for 25 seconds before the end of the regular time and saw Svedes 3–3 (0–2, 1–0, 2–0) from the tournament. Was thrown out.

Two North American teams prevailed. As expected, Canada won 3–0 (2–0, 0–0, 1–0) against the Czech Republic. USA won 5: 2 (1: 0, 2: 1, 2: 1) against Slovakia.

The following semi-finals will be played on Tuesday night:

0.00 hrs.: Canada – Russia

3.30 pm: USA – Finland

In addition, final placements for ranks five to ten have been determined. Germany finished the tournament in sixth place thanks to third place in the group. Sweden as Scandinavian was fifth, third in the parallel group, two points higher.

Final ranking from fifth place:

5. Sweden, 6. Germany, 7. Czech Republic, 8. Slovakia, 9. Switzerland, 10. Austria.

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