Several ships in the Gulf of Oman « . are unable to maneuver

Several ships in the Gulf of Oman « .  are unable to maneuver

Security circles: Forces backed by Iran could hijack the transport ship “Asphalt Princess”. According to status reports, several ships are unable to maneuver due to exceptional circumstances.

7.47 pm, 3 August 2021


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At least one transport ship is said to have been hijacked from the Strait of Hormuz (subject picture) ©

According to the British off the coast of the United Arab Emirates Marine Inspectorate UKMTO probably: one or more ships has been kidnapped. This one is about 60 nautical miles off the coast of Fujairah Emirate “Possible Raid” UKMTO made the announcement on Tuesday without giving any further details. It was said in maritime security circles that it was assumed that a tanker was operated by forces under Iranian control.

A staff member of “The Times” newspaper responsible for defense tweeted that the ship was about the “Asphalt Princess”. The Iranian Foreign Ministry in a preliminary statement called the reports “suspicious” and warned against escalating the mood against the government in Tehran. “Sky News” again cited a source in British security circles, according to eight or nine gunmen The tanker was hijacked.

Five ships send a specific signal

In an early warning, the UKMTO urged ships in an area to be extremely cautious and left it open how many ships could be involved in the incident. However, Tuesday afternoon’s Refinitiv ship tracking data shows that At least five ships have an automatic position indication According to which they are said to be unable to maneuver due to exceptional circumstances. Reuters was initially unable to confirm any of the information.

>> Current location of “Asphalt Princess” via MarineTraffic <

The sea area is located immediately in front of the Strait of Hormuz, a strait that connects the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman. It represents a bottleneck to global oil supply. About a fifth of the world’s oil transport has to pass through the strait.

The situation in the area is one after the Drone attack on an oil tanker (“Mercer Street”) strain of an Israeli operator. Iran is suspected to be behind the attack. The government in Tehran denies the allegations. Israel has threatened of dire consequences.

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