Silberesen openly admits what he thinks of Helen Fischer’s friend Thomas Sittel

Silberesen openly admits what he thinks of Helen Fischer's friend Thomas Sittel
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On Saturday, “Schlagerjubillum” host Florian Silberesen gave a personal insight into his friendship with Helen Fischer and also opened up about his relationship with his friend Thomas Sittel.

Leipzig – Once upon a time pop star Florian Silberesen (41) and Helen Fisher (38) German Schlager is the world’s dream couple, but the two continue to inspire their fans even after the end of the relationship. As the folk musician celebrated his 100th “Die Fest” show with “Das Groe Schlagerjubilam 2022”, his former teammates also stopped to congratulate. And since the two superstars still get along wonderfully, on Saturday evening (October 22), they opened up about the sewing box.

Helen Fischer celebrates with “Schlagerjubilum” – Florian Silberesen’s “proud” of friendship

Because Florian Silberesen’s “Hit Anniversary” (including Roland Kaiser and Jurgen Drew) had some of the biggest German hit stars of all time as guests, one thing couldn’t be missing: Helen Fischer. “We all know you always make yourself very rare,” the 41-year-old warmly welcomed her star guest and excited that her arrival was “very nice, really nice”.

In “Schlagerjubilum” Florian Silberesen also talks about Thomas Sittel, a friend of Helen Fischer. © Imago Images

“This big anniversary, of course I said yes,” Helen Fischer was also enthusiastic and then, a little calmer, addressed her congratulations to the “Schlagerjubillum” presenter: “Honor at this point, even from me, you know that.” Florian Silberesen, who had been carried away by the quintessential atmosphere in Leipzig, then addressed his former love, with whom he still has a good relationship: “I want to tell you today that I am very, very proud of him – and that We are friends!”

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Florian Silberesen celebrates “Big Hits Anniversary 2022 – Here for the next 100!”:

At his 100th “Die Fest” show, Florian Silberesen did nothing special: “The Big Hit Jubilee 2022 – To the Next 100!” For almost everything that was ranked and was famous, was obtained. The hit star should cheer about top-class guests like Roland Kaiser (70), Beatrice Egli (34) or Andreas Gabilier (37). Schlager icon Jürgen Druze (77) also made his final appearance at the event, while Nena (62) surprised Silberesen, who burst into tears, and who also sang his favorite song to him.

Helen Fischer accommodates Florian Silberesen here and there for coffee – Hit Stars Unpack

Florian Silberesen then gave his personal words a little insight into the relationship with Helen Fischer: The families of the two still get on very well, and they also have a good relationship with new partner Thomas Sittel (37) on the Schlagerquin side.

The couple themselves receive the 41-year-old folk musician here and there for coffee, as he almost casually mentions: “I look forward to the next coffee with you,” he told the “Roush” interpreter.

She was hospitable: “You’re always invited, you know,” she assured Florian Silberesen, who then revealed that she “always had a good afternoon” not only in Ammersee, where Helen Fischer and Thomas Sittel live. , but also live happily “for a while more”.

Helen Fischer didn’t want to object to that either – very forgivingly she did the host’s wish and sang “without anyone else”. The hit itself is of 2015. At the time, the two were still a couple and some even doubted Silberesen’s declaration of love between the lines.

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However, he dedicated the song to his team that evening. Before that, though, the 41-year-old noticed a suspicious moment: When an old clip played, he complained Andy Borg suddenly about it in “Schlagerjubilum”That should no longer be called “Indian”. Sources used: “Big Hits Anniversary 2022 – Here’s to the next 100!” (ARD)

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