Ski jumping: mixed team takes second place in Oslo

Ski jumping: mixed team takes second place in Oslo

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Austria also took the podium in the second mixed team event of the season in Oslo on Friday. The SV quartet of Chiara Kreuzer, Sara Marita Kramer, Manuel Fettner and Stefan Kraft only had to concede defeat to the better Slovenian team. Norway went to third place.

It was the first mixed team competition since the Beijing Olympics, when five athletes, including Daniela Erashko-Stolz, were disqualified because of their suits. Because Austria, Germany, Japan and Norway each suffered at least one disqualification, the other medals surprisingly went to the Russian team and Canada, behind Slovenia.

The SV team amended for the Olympics a day after Sarah Marita Kramer and Stephen Kraft’s victories in Lillehammer. However, the first victory in a mixed team competition held for only the fifth time at the World Cup was clearly out of reach. Olympic champions Ursa Bogtaz, Nika Krijner & Co were 75.2 points ahead. Norway, on the other hand, were only 0.8 points behind hosts Austria. Away from the podium places were Japan in fourth place and Germany in fifth.

Kraft secured second place in team competition

Austria also took the podium in the second mixed team event of the season in Oslo on Friday. The SV quartet of Chiara Krueger, Sara Marita Kramer, Manuel Feitner and Stefan Kraft were defeated by the only superior Slovenian team 75.2 points behind. Norway went to third place.

Power in top form, Kramer struggles up the hill

After his victories at Lahti and Lillehammer, Kraft was also in fine form in Oslo. “I am really enjoying ski jumping at the moment. Especially here in Holmenkollen it was pure pleasure with the right conditions. Luckily, we were rewarded with the podium as a team too”, former world champion Said, who is already keen on individual competitions.

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On the other hand, Kramer, who celebrated his seventh win of the season at Lillehammer on Thursday, failed to get off to the right start in his Oslo premiere. “Don’t know what. I forget a little bit about jumping away. But I’m very happy with second place. Jumping with the boys is fun,” Salzberger said.

There will be two individual competitions in Holmenkollen on Saturday and Sunday. Over the weekend, Kramer could win the overall World Cup for the first time, currently 244 points ahead of Krijner. After Raw Air’s Norway competitions, there are still two events to be held in Oberhof next week.

Mixed competition at the World Cup in Oslo

final score:
1. Slovenia 942.9
urs bogataji 127.5/120.5
lovaro coso 130.5/123.5
nika krijnari 121.5/118.0
timmy zajsi 130.5/132.0
2. Austria 867.7
Chiara Krueger 111.0/105.0
Manuel Fetner 122.0/130.0
sara marita crme 114.0/119.0
Stephen Craft 125.0/130.0
3. Norway 866.9
Anna Odin Strom 111.5/105.0
Robert Johansson 123.0/131.0
silje opseth 118.0/122.5
Halver Agner Grenrude 124.0/129.0
4. Japan 847.5
sara takanashi 123.0/118.5
Yukiya Sato 121.5/120.5
yuki ito 111.0/107.0
Ryo-yu Kobayashi 126.0/127.5
5. Germany 832.9
Julian Seyfarth 110.5/95.5
Marcus Eisenbichler 128.5/128.5
Katherine Althaus 122.0/125.0
Carl Geiger 107.5/125.5
6. Finland 665.5
Jenny Rautinaho DSQ/93.0
Etu Nausianen 127.0/124.0
Julia Kikken 97.5/96.0
nico kyotosaho 118.0/119.0
7. Poland 583.7
Nicole Conderla 81.0/85.5
Piotr District 122.0/116.0
king rajda 88.5/98.5
Kamil Stocho 123.0/117.5
8th. Canada 573.6
Natalie Aylers 100.0/79.0
Matthew Soukup 101.0/107.0
abigail strategy 101.0/98.0
Mackenzie Boyd-Cloves 113.0/124.5
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