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Aircraft for Bolzano Airport leased from Canada

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 | 10:30 am

Bolzano – At Bolzano Airport, preparations for the start of regular flight operations are in progress. The runway has not yet been extended, but new management has taken care of the aircraft under Joseph Göstner, René Benko and Hans Peter Haselsteiner. In the coming weeks, two dashes 8-400, each with about 80 seats, are expected to take off for the “Sky Alps”. The machines come from Canada and are hired by Chorus Aviation Capital from Halifax, reports Alto Adig daily.

According to Joseph Göstner’s timetable, the first flights from Bozen to Catania, Cagliari and Lamezia Turme should leave on 29 May. Daily flights from Bolzano to Rome are scheduled to begin in early June and flights to Olabia, north of Sardinia and Ibiza, will begin from June 15. Finally, in July the company plans to move from Bolzano to Berlin and Düsseldorf. London and Copenhagen are to be headed in the autumn.

As can be seen from the report, the two machines are just the beginning. Other destinations such as Milan, Vienna or Frankfurt can later be added to the program with additional machines.

The twin engine dash reaches a cruising speed of 8-400 660 km / h and a height of 7,700 meters.

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