Washing machine: power consumption is too high – three settings save a lot of money

Washing machine: power consumption is too high - three settings save a lot of money

Electricity bills can be unnecessarily expensive by doing laundry. Correct settings on the washing machine not only save energy in the long run, but also save money.

Dortmund – Along with refrigerators, lights and stoves, washing machines are one of the biggest energy consumers at home. In many homes, laundry is piled up in baskets in apartments or basements and huge amounts of clothing seem inaccessible. with some life hacks The washing machine may run less often than you think. It saves electricity and hence money.

wash temperature power consumption per wash Electricity cost per wash 24 ct per kWh . Is
90 degrees 1.90kWh 46 cents
60 degree 1.15kWh 24 cents
40 degree 0.65kWh 16 cents
30 degrees 0.40kWh 10 cents
Source table: Klima-hannover.de

Wash laundry the energy-saving way: Faster isn’t always better

An average family with two children turns on the washing machine five times a week, reports chip.d, This is really more than necessary. Incorrect settings on the washing machine result in unnecessarily high mountains of laundry and electricity bills. Small differences have a big impact.

Up to 40 euros per week can be saved in energy costs. The correct washing technique depends on temperature, timing and the right detergent. This can already be said: faster is not more effective and the higher the washing temperature, the more expensive the washing. Because the machine needs a large part of the energy to heat the water.

Set up the washing machine the right way: Pre-wash only makes sense in exceptional cases

To save money on washing, the most important thing is to choose the right program. Pre-wash only makes sense in very few cases. Heavy clay can be treated by hand with a gall soap or stain remover before washing. It delivers up to 20 minutes during the wash cycle. How long the initial program lasts depends on the manufacturer and model.

Correct wash temperature: 30 or 40 degrees?

A good 10 euros per year can be loud chip.d Save if you skip the prewash. You can save even more by washing the laundry at 30 degrees instead of 40. It is generally recommended to wash lightly soiled laundry at 30 or 40 degrees. Very few people are aware of the huge difference of these 10 degrees.

Always washing at the lowest possible temperature saves electricity.

© Waldmuller / Imagos

This difference, which initially seems small, is by no means small for a washing machine. For 10 degrees more, it requires almost twice as much energy—and at no extra cost to the consumer: Detergents already develop their full washing power at 30 degrees. If you do a hot wash, the laundry doesn’t clean automatically and conversely it’s no less clean for a cold wash. With today’s technology, the noise range infranken.de Even 20 degrees to clean laundry.

Wash the Laundry Properly: Boil the Laundry Only Once a Month

Bed linens and towels can also normally be washed at 40 degrees, which is more than many people think. 60 degrees only if you are sick or allergic to house dust mites. The Federal Environment Agency recommends washing at 60 degrees a month to kill germs that accumulate in the washing machine. For disinfection, instead of detergent, vodka can be used. If you otherwise reduce it to 60 to 40 degrees, about 50 percent of the cost of electricity is saved.

Save money by doing laundry in an energy-saving way

Permanent washing at 30 instead of 40 degrees and at 40 instead of 60 degrees saves up to 40 euros a month. Nowadays a hot wash at 90°C can be noisy due to the use of modern detergents climate protection zone hannover be completely free from It always pays to wash at the lowest possible temperature.

This principle also explains why it is better to use environmental, ecological or savings programs. Although they last longer, they are colder and therefore require only half the energy for the same result. If the normal program is permanently replaced by an eco-program, it can add up to 45 euros a year.

More tips on how to do laundry properly

In addition to the washing cycle, there are other tricks that can help save electricity:

Tip 1: Only machine wash fully loaded. This reduces the cost of water and electricity. The amount of filling is in the operating instructions.
2. Tip: Don’t overdo it with detergent. In the event of an overdose, many devices turn to an additional rinse cycle.
Tip 3: When not in use, completely disconnect the washing machine from the power supply. This saves additional cost.
Tip Four: Always sort laundry quickly so that heavily soiled items don’t further dirty other items.

Rubric List Image: © Monkey Business 2/imago

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