Smartphone to plug together: Xiaomi acquired a strange patent

Smartphone to plug together: Xiaomi acquired a strange patent

A new patent from Xiaomi Modular phone shows. The patent was published on April 29, 2021 and included in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database to protect patented technology worldwide.

The patent shows that the Xiaomi modular phone consists of three main modules: the first module (upper part) consists of a circuit board (motherboard) and camera, the second module (middle part) consists of a battery and the third module. Lower part) consists of an interface and a loudspeaker.

Xiaomi Modular Phone: Smartphone that can be plugged together

Xiaomi: A modular smartphone might look like this concept design.


The patent document shows that the Xiaomi modular phone has a full-surface display with a body made of metal or plastic. The modules can be pushed together and disassembled by the rail system. In addition, the patent document also shows that at least two modules are interconnected to create a larger display.

The patent also shows and describes two different types of camera modules. The first module is a quad camera system consisting of three cameras and a flash, while the second module is a vertical camera system consisting of four cameras. A periscope zoom camera is also included.

Contribution Xiaomi is planning a modular smartphone with a revolutionary design First appeared on and was supplemented with further information by the CHIP authors.

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