SOBEGES: A living inclusion in the Birkfeld region for 20 years

SOBEGES: A living inclusion in the Birkfeld region for 20 years

Anniversary: ​​With an unconscious “McDonald’s” theory, an increase in customers and more, you can see the good growth of “Sobage” in Birkfeld.

The Birkfeld Demonstration Project is celebrating its 20th birthday: “Sobeys” for the successful integration of people with physical and / or mental disabilities.
The facility was built on the initiative of parents from the region to find suitable employment and care options for their children after the end of compulsory schooling.

Thanks to Chance-Bee founder Franz Wolfmeyer for helping to build the concept, “Sobage” was founded with nine communities around Birkfeld. The operation initially began on April 12, 2001, with six customers and four supervisors.
Statistics show that the facility around managing director Franz Schwarz and his deputy Krista Shantal has evolved over the years. Meanwhile, a total of 37 customers are looked after by 14 employees and with their seven branches “Sobes” actively support the region’s economy.
“Through meaningful employment and collaboration with the business, we live integration and inclusion, build recognition and strengthen the self-esteem of our supervising employees. It is important that they be allowed to work in all groups , Which depends on their ability, so that there. Schwarz says that diversity and fun fluctuations also show that it works. There is hardly a customer or employee who leaves us. Kitchen, woodworking, creative workshops And much more is made for the economy in “sobs”.

A “McDonald’s” Principle of Operation

According to the managing director, the delivery of food is inadvertently based on the “McDonald’s” principle. “Children from kindergarten to schools receive food from us and thus grow up with our achievements from an early age,” says Schwarz.
For the 20th anniversary, a cookbook with favorite recipes from employees and customers was also produced, which will soon be available from “Sobage”. Due to legal restrictions, the anniversary was certainly celebrated quietly. Some customers will soon be happy when they get their own apartment keys. Because the next step will be taken for positive development in May. Twelve customers of the day workshop will find a new home right next to the “Sobage” campus. There will also be two single apartments and one family apartment for private individuals.

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