Sony cameras are hard to come by due to lack of chips

Sony cameras are hard to come by due to lack of chips

Due to the ongoing shortage of chips, cameras from Sony and other manufacturers are also now being discontinued.

The lack of chips has made it difficult to obtain a game console or graphics card for months. Now the crisis is affecting makers of classic cameras as well. In response to the lack of chips, Sony has now put an order on the mirrorless camera ZV-E10 on hold. Camera is Loud, released in August

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, Accordingly, the ZV-E10 will no longer be sold by Sony itself nor will it be sold by active dealers as of now.

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Sony has also been hit by the lack of chips in other cameras in recent months. As a result, sales of the A7 II, A6400 and A1600 had to be stopped. The ECM-B1M microphone and the PXW-Z190 camcorder have also fallen victim to a global shortage of chips. The HDR-CX680 camcorder was also discontinued in April. The Sony A9 probably still won’t be sold. The shop lists the camera as “no longer available”. Even the six year old Sony A7R II is no longer sold.

Other manufacturers also affected

Other camera makers are also affected by the lack of chips. In June, Nikon stopped selling the Z7 and Z7 II. This was due to missing components. Meanwhile, Canon has listed a delivery time of up to six months when customers order the new EOS R3. The Fujifilm X-S10 is also hard to find. Thus the lack of chips is accelerating the declining trend among camera makers. Many users prefer to use their smartphone’s built-in camera instead.

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