Specific times and destinations affected: Lufthansa cancels onward flights at short notice. hessenschaud

Specific times and destinations affected: Lufthansa cancels onward flights at short notice.  hessenschaud

Flight cancellations at Lufthansa continue: By mid-June the airline had canceled about 3,000 connections due to staff shortages – with more being added now at short notice. Specific times and flight destinations are affected.

To relieve flight operations at peak times, domestic German and European flights were canceled from this Friday to next Thursday (8-14 July), Lufthansa informed the hour upon request. A spokesman did not want to say how many connections are affected and which of them affect Frankfurt – as that number is constantly changing, according to the official language regulation.

One tries to continue to provide relief to the system, the spokesman said. Especially at peak times – by which Lufthansa means the time until 8 p.m. – there is a downright “delay spiral”. Therefore, one tries to equalize this period and cancel flights in the evening.

Holiday destination not affected

The main reason for the delay is the lack of staff for operations. Until recently, this had led to long wait times and equally long queues at the airport building. In early July, the workers also had to distribute water to those waiting.

Flight cancellations caught Hesse only in the summer travel season. Are there passengers stranded at the airport instead of Mallorca? No, according to Lufthansa. No one wants to put away a classic holiday destination. Instead, the cancellation affects domestic German flights, where those affected can be easily booked on the train.

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European destinations close to the border will also be cancelled: According to the information, flights to Zurich, Geneva, Salzburg or connections served multiple times a day should be the first to be cancelled.

Destinations in southern Portugal, Lisbon, Sicily, the Greek islands or other popular vacation destinations are not affected. “People deserve to go back on vacation after two years of pandemic,” a Lufthansa spokesperson said.

Lufthansa canceled 3,000 flights in June

Yet, fresh deletions come suddenly. it wasn’t until mid-June Lufthansa announces it will cancel about 3,000 flights, Two-thirds of the affected flights landed at Frankfurt Airport – the rest at Munich Airport. There are now more canceled flights – this time at an unknown altitude.

The head of the Lufthansa supervisory board, Karl-Ludwig Kelly, meanwhile called on employees to tackle existing handling and service problems together. In an interview broadcast within the company after a special supervisory board meeting on Wednesday, Kelly said: “One day the global reservation system fails, the next French airspace shuts down. And everything always comes out on top. . There’s no magic formula for this. It’s just hard work in the details.”

Lufthansa Supervisory Board Chairman: “Catching on the Mess”

A special meeting of the controlling body was requested by the employee representatives. The crisis management of the Board of Management was sharply criticized by union representatives and executive councils in the region. Employees were threatened with layoffs long after the high demand for flights became apparent.

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Kelly acknowledged mistakes in personnel strategy and showed understanding for the high stress that employees have been exposed to due to the numerous delays and flight cancellations. He wanted to appeal to everyone involved to find practical and short-term solutions. We’ll talk about the basics later. “Now we have to get the mess under control,” Kelly said.

handling problems over several months

According to the operator, the handling problems at Frankfurt Airport will continue for several months., Fraport CEO Stephen Schulte said on Tuesday evening that the current level would remain the same for the next two to three months and other flights would have to be cancelled. In view of the start of the school holidays in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate on 23 July, he said: “The peaks of summer are yet to come.”

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