“Sports Trousers Under the Dress”: Fun Facts for the Bachelorette Start

"Sports Trousers Under the Dress": Fun Facts for the Bachelorette Start

Did you expect such tricks and facts? delivered Wednesday evening Maxime Herbord (26) The first cut flowers in the new season Die Bachelorette. On first sniff Surprised the beauty in a breathtaking gleaming dress—but she had to do a little trickery for this night of roses: Because it was a bit cold in the evening, I decided Maxime For a special pair of underpants!

he’s on the officer now instagram-Verify the account details format. “What no one saw Maxime He wore sports pants under his dress. In short breaks she could quickly wear two cuddly jackets and a patio heater also provided warmth,” the statement says. Of course, the boys didn’t notice.

Talking about the boys: How long did the Rose contenders have to stay in the cars they were taken to the spot with? Fans can also find this answer on the Dome Show’s Insta page: “It took about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the men’s red carpet.” In all, the process — until all the Bachelorette boys were there — took about three to four hours.

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Maxime Herbord on “The Bachelorette”
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