Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts 4

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There were 14 years between the releases of Kingdom Hearts II (PS2) and Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) – and signs are good that dry magic is dramatically shortening until the next main part of the popular role-playing series. Because: Yesterday, Sunday, Square Enix just released a 7-minute “Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Announcement Trailer.” We skillfully ignore scenes from the iOS or Android title Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and the new mobile offshoot Kingdom Hearts Missing—Link and minutes of the trailer show 4:07.

Because it’s all about Kingdom Hearts 4, – O-Ton Square Enix – “the triumphant return of the beloved RPG series”. The Japanese surrounding series maestro Tetsuya Nomura promises an updated look at the start of an epic new story called “The Lost Master Ark.” In the trailer, the hero Sora is about to get into a boss fight against a giant beast that takes place in the so-called Quadratum – “a large, sprawling city set in a beautiful, realistic world unlike anything previously seen in the Kingdom Hearts series”. The opposite is given. Thanks Square Enix – we couldn’t have said it better.

Speaking of Sundar: We would have got a release date or at least a period of time, even if no one takes it at face value considering Part 3’s odyssey. No word yet on platforms, though Sony console owners probably have good chances. Last but not least we get to see the goofy couple Donald and Goofy. But see for yourself…

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