Lacuna – available now

Lacuna - available now

It’s time to light a (virtual) cigarette, bang a wall, and ask tough questions, as today publisher Montage Entertainment and developer Digitals Interactive are pleased to announce that Sci-Fi Noir Inquiry Simulator Lacuna is now closed for Windows PC. Available Steam! In the game, players slip into the soaked trench coat of Central Investigation Department (CDI) agent Neil Conrad and try to solve a mystery that can have serious consequences.

Immerse yourself in a complex system of elaborate dialogue options, dynamic conversations, shadowy NPCs and many unique endings that keep the player confused until the end. Conrad doesn’t have to trust anyone, ask too many questions, and keep an eye on important clues as he investigates the plot in his unconventional search for answers.

“Lacuna is an exciting thriller that wraps players all about the noir genre in a sci-fi twist as well as updates the point-and-click style for modern players looking for something new,” Stephen Marcinac, CEO says Gather Entertainment. “The players liked the prologue, and we’re glad they can finally get to the bottom of the mystery!”

Jasmine Fifer and Julian Colbus, co-founders of Digitales Interactive, said, “Lacuna is our first title and we can’t believe it actually happened! This is the work of passion that has been with us since we were a student and we are so happy that we can finally share it with the world and see what the players will decide. We believe that sports are the best means of telling a compelling and poignant story, and we hope that this is what our game will give you. “

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