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Mario Strikers: Charaktere

This Sunday we welcome you again to our Survey of the Week. In this format, we would like to invite you to a topical discussion topic related to Nintendo, but before we get into the new topic, let’s first look at the final survey.

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In a previous survey we wanted to know if you’ve ever met cheaters in Nintendo games. Apparently, the vast majority of participants had already identified at least one obvious cheater in Nintendo Switch games. You can find out which games are included in the comments previous news out of here.

vote of the week

Nintendo loves releasing free content updates for its games. the most recent example would be Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, which has since been criticized for its lack of content. Nintendo recently announced that the game will continue to have new content including new characters after its release (we informedMany people got the impression that the game was cut deliberately to keep the game alive artificially. There were also free updates for other Mario Sports games on the hybrid console and Nintendo Switch Sports would be a young example as well.

In the poll, we want to know whether you welcome free updates, or would prefer all content that is released. Since this is a very controversial topic, we look forward to discussing it in the comments.

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