Wild Rumor About Today’s Free Games

Wild Rumor About Today's Free Games

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Epic Games has a “mysterious” free game again today – rumors point to a blockbuster. The Mydealz website reports that Remedies Control is being offered for free today.

Mega Cell B Epic Games Gradually nearing the end, this also applies to “mysterious” free games, which once a week cause wishes among bargain hunters. Will the most interesting game be today at 5 pm?

EGS: With today in control?

Let us remember: The first “mysterious” free game was NBA 2K21, a carefully crafted polarizing gift horse. No. 2 was among us, No. 3 was Frostpunk. So you can say that it kept getting better and better. Now only number 4 is missing and with it are the last mystery games, because starting next week, Epic will probably announce the games again as usual. And there’s one for the fourth free game as part of the Mega Sale. Note from mydealz community. Here’s the promise of controls – mystery action game by measure. The user doesn’t provide a source for the assumption, but he was right with Frostpunk.

The controls would make perfect sense because, as we all know, the Remedy title was a one-time exclusive game on Epic. So you have a good relationship. Control did not appear on Steam until August 2020 and then only as a final version with two extensions The Foundation and Away, which together make up the Season Pass, which is currently sold on Epic for 14.99 euros. If so, Epic should just take the base game off control and hope users can take advantage of the additional offers. Worth noting: The controls are also not part of the mega-sale, another nod to the free-of-charge principle. Epic would hardly sell the game at first and then give it away for free.

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Of course, we won’t know much more until 5 p.m., when Epic’s watches will be replaced. until you need still safe frostpunkIf you haven’t already done so anyway. or code “genshinepic” for the Jenshin effect Safe, with which you get some additional in-game bonuses.

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