Android: Google Watch apparently regularly fails alarms

Android: Google Watch apparently regularly fails alarms

Alarm clocks are no longer triggered correctly on many Android phones: For weeks now, negative reviews of Google Clock, which is responsible for setting the alarm clock, have been popping up in the Play Store. In it, users complain that they missed appointments or overspent due to unreliable alarms.

Testimonials mainly come from users with Pixel cell phones, but cell phones from Samsung, Oppo or OnePlus are said to have problems as well. For example, many manufacturers, including Samsung, have other Watch apps installed as standard. However, users are free to choose which app they want to use.

It is currently unclear what caused the unrelenting alarm. It is also not known when the problems started. You can find them in the Play Store Negative review due to alarm clock failure But since May. In the past few days, the topic has received a boost from media reports from Android magazines. Among other things reported XDA Developers And 9to5google About alarm problems with Google’s Watch app.

According to XDA Developers, the problem could be related to the Do Not Disturb mode that many Android phones offer. By default, notifications from apps are blocked for a certain period of time. There is usually an exception for an alarm clock, but errors can happen.

a thread im issuetracker Now that’s caught the attention of the Google team: the report has been sent to the development team, a Google employee there wrote on August 31. There is no further information from Google yet on whether a really widespread problem exists and when it should be fixed. Until then, affected users can use an alternative alarm clock app from the Play Store.

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